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written by Draca | 423 Views | 7 Replies
It's that time again, when we could really use a concerted effort for everyone log on to the Test server and give a new code update a good run through. While there is nothing specific we need to test, we also could stand to test everything. Quests, Expeditions, zone pull some zones, check boss spawns, check general zone stability (just play in it, as you normally would), check teleporter, clickies, reward items, reward vendor, pretty much anything you can think of, try it and see what happens. If you have anything unusual to report, please post here.

If you don't, I'm turning off EZ, and making you talk to your wives....  Smiley

Edit: Characters are not up to date, gear wise, but it doesn't really matter, it's not specific to higher zones.

Testing is complete, update has been applied to Live. Thank you to everyone who jumped on to help.

written by Draca | 967 Views | 18 Replies
Guardian Charm/Ignore Death

After some discussion within the admin team, a decision has been made to nerf Guardian Charm and Ignore Death augment. I won't go into all of the reasons that both of these are entirely overpowered, and people will likely strongly disapprove of these nerfs, but neither one of these items was intended to gimp content in the way that they are being used now. Changes that were shelved previously, will be re-tested and moved to Live server as soon as they feel properly tuned. I won't comment yet on what changes will or won't be made, but neither item will be a near guaranteed invulnerability anymore.

If you would like to be a part of the testing for these items, let me know. Being a part of testing is the best way to find a balanced solution for these items, and have your opinions heard. While changes will certainly be made, what those changes are is still up for discussion.

written by Draca | 475 Views | 7 Replies


/say increase aggro range

For those who wish to pull Hills of Shade more aggressively, I have added a simple command to increase the aggro range of NPC's in that zone. It still requires running around, but you should find them much more willing to come punch you in the mouth. Simply /say increase aggro range .. this should flash a message in the middle of your screen that says 'Aggro Range Increased'.  This only affects currently spawned NPC's, so you will need to use it once per spawn cycle.  As always, no one can lay claim to a public zone, of which all Hills of Shade instances are. So if someone you are sharing the zone with, doesn't want this increased aggro range, than you may not use it. And while it's rarely an issue anymore, training mobs on other players is a no no, and could result in a suspension for at least the remainder of the event.

Rallos Event
Tankus has volunteered to run the Rallos event for those who are interested. This is a level 79 only event. Date and time to be determined, but since  the sun never sets on the British Empire, I'm sure he'll work out some good times for both EU and US time zones. Coordinate with Tankus on this.

For Akkadius & Rent,
EZ Admin Team

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

written by Draca | 844 Views | 11 Replies
EVENT BEGINS AT 12PM (Noon) Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00)

Due to the difficulty with the previous event allowing lower level characters who essentially provided no assistance, this is limited to characters 78+.  There will be no assistance in setting up groups for this event, and while players can run the encounter multiple times to help others, you will only get loot for one run.
written by Draca | 324 Views | 1 Reply
Now Closed


From now until 5am PST tomorrow (Saturday 11/26), TRIPLE EZ Credits are available.

DONATION INFORMATION http://ezserver.online/forums/index.php?topic=4236.0

For Akkadius & Rent

written by Draca | 878 Views | 10 Replies

As today was my 'at the latest' for launching Tunare, and that won't launch today, wanted to post a quick update about what's going on.

First off, EZ Server is due for a server code update. There have been several challenges working on Tunare, most of them related to our database schema not being current, resulting in several critical tools (Spire and PEQ Editor) not being fully functional. While I can manually enter database values, that's not an ideal situation when tools exist to do it. This update hopefully can be applied to the Test server in the coming days, followed by a call to help test stability there, and eventually a push to our production (live) server.

Secondly, my business had a substantial database corruption issue, which cannot be corrected automatically (back up data source was inaccessible). So I've been working through over 45000 customer entries to verify and correct any anomalous data. This is an absolute nightmare, both in the amount of work involved, and the issue's impact on the ability for my business to function smoothly, and ultimately has completely pulled me away from anything EZ-related. I expect there is another 5-7 days of work involved, after which I will be able to get back into EZ. This will affect....

Rallos Event moved to 11/27

Due to the above mentioned work issues, I am moving the next Rallos event to 11/27. More details and times as we get closer.

Apologies for the delays, thank you for understanding...

written by Draca | 837 Views | 8 Replies


Happy Halloween to everyone on EZ! We'll be running the Halloween events through November 2nd. Enjoy.

For Akkadius & Rent,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   RUNNING!
Loot  -  DOUBLED!
Credits  - CLOSED

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

written by Draca | 954 Views | 13 Replies
Just wanted to give a quick update of what's been happening, and what's coming up in the next month or so..

Coming Up...

• Halloween will be starting the evening of 10/28, running through 11/2. Will include the event itself, double loot, double exp and double credits.

• 2nd run of the Rallos Zek Event is planned for 11/20. Stay tuned for a specific post about this, but it will have a higher level requirement (78+) to participate than during the first run. Unfortunately it is too difficult to plan for lower level groups given the difficulty.

• Tunare encounter in VP will launch in the week or so following Halloween, November 13th at the latest. (see below)

Current Projects

Tunare Expedition

In the finale to the storyline from Veeshan's Peak, through the Rallos Zek event, players will engage Tunare in Veeshan's Peak, as her search for the Unholy Writ of War may have gone too well...

This expedition will be incredibly difficult, and while it won't require huge groups to kill, it's also not going to be easy to accomplish with a single group. Tunare will include unique loot drops, including 4 different versions of a new Power Source item: The Unholy Writ of War, which will include some unique effects, but possibly some downside to using it's tainted power...

Tier 11 -Dragonscale Hills

Tier 11 is proceeding as expected, currently about a third of the way through an extensive outline. While it's certainly possible to run around just plopping NPC's where you want them, and sort of wing it through quest dialogs as you're scripting, that's not good enough for an EZ tier level. While I was left to learn my own lessons with Veeshan's Peak, and you and I have learned them together, Akkadius is (rightfully) adamant about being able to review my plan for Tier 11. Both him and I want to make sure it feels like a continuation of the EZ experience, and not something where someone with no knowledge of the history of the server would notice a drastic difference in gameplay. While some things will change, and certain items will remain ineffective going forward, it should still have that pleasure and pain balance we've all grown to love. With the amount of complexity involved, including hundreds of items, hundreds of spells, and countless other details, it just takes time. I think that ultimately it will be worth the wait..

Current Tier 11 plans include:
• Faction grinds, collection quests (of course)
• Involved quest lines with randomized tasks (all your characters won't have the same tasks despite being on the same quest) <- I know this kind of sounds dumb, but I think if implemented correctly, it will be a fun change.
• Limited repetitive quests (I'm not a huge fan)
• Chain spawn (think HW) bosses
• Multiple difficulty levels within the zone - some areas will be impossible very difficult to survive without the increased stats from gearing up in the zone.
• 2 levels of armor upgrades - first set will come fairly early into the Tier, 2nd set will be considerably further into the Tier.
• Coldain Ring War style event - this will include 3 difficulty levels which must be worked up too.
• Expected upgrades to Ring of the Ages, Shield of the Ages, Earring of the Ages, UWXIII and so on..

While I know I have given varied estimations of the date for Tier 11's release, I won't guess any further, but know that once Tunare is released and everything is well, it will be my primary focus to get T11 completed.

Other Stuff

I know there's been concern lately regarding the population of EZ Server, or at least I've heard it enough to assume it's a concern...it's really not to Akkadius or myself, mostly because this is the way it goes for EZ. Anyone who's played more than a couple of years will know that activity ebbs and floes, and certainly new content helps, but overall our community is strong, and those who step away, will come back.

I have also been somewhat less active in-game, but that's purely a result of the amount of work required for new developments. So if you need anything, I'm around as always. I haven't been as focused on fixes, because there's honestly no current bugs that I'm aware of that are breaking the game for anyone (VP will have one more detune).

Chieftan recently did a great job redoing the Wiki's spell recipe page, and Voyz went through spells that were missing recipes altogether, and was able to make me a list with consistent and non-duplicated recipes so we could get those (mostly SK) filled in. Thank you to both of them.

If you have any concerns that aren't addressed, or any other questions for me, let me know here.

For Akkadius & Rent,
            EZ Server Admin Team
written by Draca | 449 Views | 1 Reply
This has been corrected.

There was an unintended change made to NPC melee Accuracy in Veeshan's Peak, resulting in (shockingly) more accuracy from melee attacks. While a minor tuning pass will still be made, it wasn't intended to be as drastic as it currently is. It will be fixed ASAP, just need to verify that the stats are reverted correctly. Also, there were also some AA changes that pulled over, some work while some are still not correct, I will be making a post tomorrow about some things.
written by Draca | 1094 Views | 10 Replies
Double Loot & Exp on through Sunday afternoon. Then TRIPLE Loot & Exp through Monday.
written by Draca | 602 Views | 1 Reply
When requesting help from any GM (including me), we do not need anything more than a character name to help you. We don't need your loginserver account name, or any other information and most importantly we NEVER need your account password.
written by Draca | 1386 Views | 14 Replies
Based on voting and comments, event will be held this Sunday, August 14th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time (8pm GMT)

This will be hard to get a consensus on, but I am having one make up event for people who missed the Rallos event on July 31st. If you are one of these people, please vote and/or comment here. This is not for people who already got to run the event, to run more alts through for GoW's, but you are more than welcome to help if needed.
written by Draca | 1650 Views | 17 Replies
Rallos Zek Merchant is Live!

Anyone who gave me their group list, all of your Gemstones of War have either been given out to you, or /say #claim  [/u]in game to receive your GoW's. Anyone who didn't, they will be on each individual character who attended, same /say #claim to receive.

Hail this NPC at the zone in to Plane of Tactics:

•• Fair warning, there are VERY FEW confirmations for purchases from this merchant. So don't click what you don't want. New items are all Lore, so make sure you don't already have one. There is also no item previews, so you are trust falling your way into new gear. Weapons require the equivalent UW12 (ie. dagger for dagger), and will automatically remove the UW12 from your inventory, augments and all if you don't take them out. So take them out.  ••
written by Draca | 2147 Views | 28 Replies
Event begins July 31st, at 2pm Pacific Standard Time

Basic Event Information:

This event consists of an epic battle with Rallos Zek, and some of his most famous disciples. It is an incredibly challenging fight, and will require some coordination between the player groups in order to successfully complete. In order to allow some preparation, here are a few things to expect:


○ For this event, your group will be grouped up with several other player groups. This will require that you coordinate amongst yourself the various aspects of a more dynamic fight than you are accustomed to on EZ. This means aggro control, off tanking adds, healing coordination etc.


○ Several parts of this fight may require some modifications to spells, speedkeys and abilities that you may be used to using. If your normal attack key has a taunt component built in, that may become inconvenient, should you taunt something immediately before a frontal AE rips your group's face off. Mass resurrection is blocked, so creating a button for your healers to rez downed party members might be smart as well.  This event is by no means designed to completely ruin your speedkeys, however the rewards are quite good, so the little bit of preparation and coordination will be worthwhile.

Additional Notes:

• As we found with our test this past Sunday, the zone cannot handle the number of players we expect at one time. So players will be grouped together, and will be required to work together to get through this fight.

• This fight is quite different than what you are used to on EZ, but before anyone panics, this type of complexity is only because it was planned to be a server-wide event, so this won't be the new normal for boss encounters. That being said, I have learned quite a bit on what does and doesn't work with bosses, and boxed groups, so certain ideas will certainly be used in the future, and boss difficulty will be elevated. This was planned in VP, however the mechanics tended to break down there, and are typically irrelevant. I have found more reliable mechanics.

• Level 75 required to join event* -- this has a bit of a caveat, in that the items available to be purchased with the awarded tokens is max level gear, with the exception of a few things. While a level 75 group may not be very effective, they can still provide utility with rezzes and healing, and whatever DPS they can provide. Because of the expected value of the tokens, anyone 75+ who can attend, and is does what they can to help, will be rewarded either way.

• Underpowered groups. As I have mentioned, somewhere, if a group turns out to be a little underpowered for the event, I have several players who will be available to provide additional DPS, healing, or tanking, to increase the chance of success. However, success in this fight is not guaranteed, and some of the mechanics, adds and overall damage are very unforgiving.

• Loot distribution will be a bit clunky this first time, but will get sorted out for future events.

• This isn't a stand around and wait for your group to kill the boss for you-type fight. If you are not active during this fight (from information gathered via parsing), you will receive less, or no loot depending on your characters activity. This will require the collective group to give maximum effort, and that will be looked at prior to loot distribution.

• Finally, this type of fight may not be for everyone. I know that many players enjoy EZ because while grindy, it's not overly complex...this fight is. It's nothing that I believe can't be overcome with proper coordination, but it's closer to a raid encounter than anything we've done before on EZ.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves, it was a lot of fun to work on, more content will continue to be released as we work towards T11.

For Akkadius & Rent,
EZ Admin Team
written by Draca | 1892 Views | 16 Replies


  ♦   Server Updates

         There have been several backend updates over the past month or so, both of which appear to be stable and working without issue. First we had the change
     to int64, which is a project that Akkadius VERY rapidly pushed out, that gives us functionally unlimited headroom when it comes to damage and hitpoints.
     This allowed me to remove the mitigation self-buffs in Veeshan, and simply increase their hitpoints. Secondly, we had a general server update from the EQEmu
     devs, that includes a streamlined API for EZ's main scripting language, Perl. While this update will not likely directly affect you, it provides increased stability
     and brings the interaction between the source code and our scripting language up to date.

      There is not enough I can say to thank the people who jumped over on Test when I needed them during these updates. While it's not the most exciting work, especially when it's not new content, and it's just playing the game like you normally would but with no personal benefit, it's ultimately super critical to get as much stress and quality control testing done on these updates before it hits the prod server, and causes issues for hundreds of characters.  Thank you everyone.

  ♦   Game Updates/Hotfixes

I don't remember the last changelog update I've provided here, so this goes back to the beginning of May;

♠ [May 2nd 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Several spells have had their damage components split. This should prevent them from causing negative critical damage, while dealing the proper amount of damage. - This is outdated, but was a band aid attempt to correct negative spell damage issues.
♠ [May 2nd 2022] [Draca] [Items][Idol of the Jailed] Recast has been increased from 1 second to 5 seconds. - It was a just a smidge overpowered with basically no recast (Idol of the Jailed is a Veeshan drop that has a strong clickable nuke).
♠ [May 2nd 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Beastlord spell Vicious Ice V now properly requires Ice Water instead of Fire Water to create
♠ [May 3rd 2022] [Draca] [Spells][Timeless: Vampiric Thunder II] Was previously set as a song, has been corrected to normal buff.
♠ [May 3rd 2022] [Draca] [Items][Idol of the Jailed] Additional damage division to prevent overflow and negative damage in certain circumstances. - More band aid attempts for spell damage
♠ [Mon Jul 11 12:31:32 2022] # [May 3rd 2022] [Draca] [Spells][Timeless: Vampiric Thunder] Spell effects were incorrect following some changes on Test that pulled over, corrected. - When I pull over database content from Test, it includes the entire table, so sometimes a 'work in progress' gets pulled to prod.
♠ [Mon Jul 11 12:31:32 2022] # [May 8th 2022] [Draca] [Sleeper's Tomb] Kerafyrm's Warder's, and the crystalline golem protecting her lair seem to be more annoying then usual....might even consider them a pest.
♠ [Mon Jul 11 12:31:32 2022] # [May 8th 2022] [Draca] [Old Commons][Ogru] Boss item turn ins (Hill Giant Eye etc.) should now correctly apply faction to solo, group or raid players. - This had previously been believed fixed, but some quirks required more work by Ogru to correct.
♠ [May 12th 2022] [Draca] [Sunderock Springs] Little J'Haughn had a scripting issue related to a previous change, this has been corrected.
♠ [May 13th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Painfully Gorgeous spell line has been made a normal buff instead of a song.
♠ [May 16th 2022] [Draca] [Items] Supreme Rainbow Crystal is no longer has a selling price for merchants
♠ [May 24th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Shylo's Bolt of Doom IV is now properly usable by Magicians. I have left Enchanters able to use this version, though that won't continue with this spell line.
♠ [May 24th 2022] [Draca] [Expeditions] Sunderock expedition now bypasses the cinematic scene in Dreadspire, and players will be directly ported to Blackburrow. -Sunderock expedition seemed to consistently crash people during a cinematic cutscene before you are sent the Blackburrow. Instead of troubleshooting that issue, the cinematic portion was removed.
♠ [June 12th 2022] [Draca] [Server Code] Server code was updated. See May 27th Forum post for specific details.
♠ [June 12th 2022] [Draca] [Veeshan's Peak] Mobs in Veeshan's Peak no longer require self-buffs, and have been re-tuned using our higher hitpoint limits. Some balancing may yet be required. Please report to Draca.
♠ [July 2nd 2022] [Draca] [Halloween Event] Willowisps in Hills of Shade have been renamed to correct a boss trigger issue.
♠ [July 5th 2022] [Draca] [Items] Ultimate Weapon VIII through XII have had their backstab values adjusted to better line up Rogue DPS to other melee DPS classes.
♠ [July 5th 2022] [Draca] [Items] Sleeper's Point Dagger previously had unrestricted backstab damage. This has been corrected.
♠ [July 5th 2022] [Draca] [Items] Rogue Class Augment 10 has had it's backstab modifier changed from 50&PCT; to 65&PCT;   [July 6th 2022] [Draca] [Veeshan] Enslaved Dragon Soul will once again cast spells as intended -*See below regarding Rogue changes (read: nerfs)
♠ [July 9th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Negative spell damage should be corrected. Further work on caster damage in the future. -**See below regarding caster damage.
♠ [July 10th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Incinerating Aura V now works as intended.
♠ [July 10th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Irrational Irritation III has had it's hate bonus reduced to 30&PCT;, to prevent a situation where hate is above 100&PCT; and no longer works.
♠ [July 10th 2022] [Draca] [Spells] Shy Crustaceans' Soul Eater spells have been adjusted to correctly hit all mobs with in the area of effect
♠ [July 10th 2022] [Draca] [Items] Mana Necklace focus effect has had it's spell damage modifier changed to work properly with Ultimate Charm and Earring of Mystic Ages effects. -See below regarding caster damage.

 * Rogue Damage:

   • Rogue damage was out of control, primarily due to a mis-assigned stat on the Sleepers Point Dagger that allowed for hundreds of millions of backstab damage, along with high auto-attack DPS. While obtaining the Sleepers Point Dagger is difficult, as entering Sleepers Tomb requires 3 pieces of Ultimate Armor, it didn't justify it being many times better than the Ultimate Dagger XII, which requires a king's ransom worth of materials to complete. Ultimately, in order to maintain some class balance, adjustments had to be made. Those included properly assigning a backstab value to the Sleeper's dagger, bring up the base weapon damage of the Ultimate Dagger XI and XII, as well as increasing the backstab damage modifier on the Rogue Class Augment 10. All of these changes are focused on the end game because it's not an issue for people who can't access Sleeper's Tomb. Active Rogues still parse roughly 10-15% above the next highest DPS class, Monks, which is a place where I'm happy with them.

* Caster Damage:

    • Caster damage is awful. While negative damage issues have been corrected, it's still awful, even when played individually trying to min-max them. This will be addressed with additional increases to the damage bonuses on several items, including Ultimate Charms, Mana Necklace and Earring of Mystic Ages. Previous issues with negative damage were a result of the use of the same spell effect on multiple items, which was causing obvious problems. Also troubling is that the Mana Necklace XII, which is not very difficult to make, had the same spell damage bonus as an Ultimate Charm 4, which needed to be addressed. So it has been. I've used a different spell damage effect for the entire Mana Necklace line, which doesn't clash with the EoMA or UC effects, and still provides an appropriate bonus for it's difficulty. There will be a new spell file up in the next few days, which will correct any lingering display issues with modified spells and item effects, I don't want to put it out right now, as more changes may be needed, and I don't want to make you update your client files repeatedly.

  ♦   New Stuff

     Now that the server updates are behind us, and I'm getting through most of the critical hotfixes and updates I've wanted to address, I can begin working on new content, which is, and has been progressing.

First announcement, is that July 24th 31st at 2pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00), there will be a World Boss event that will require a concerted effort by a large group of players to beat. This came from a need to work out some more complicated boss scripting ideas for Tier 11, and I figured it made sense to turn it into something that the community would need to come together on to beat. This makes liberal use of our new hit point limit, and should be a fun time. There will be epic loot available, and every toon present for the event (and engages in the fight), will receive something

Beyond that, there ...... Read More
written by Draca | 1139 Views | 6 Replies


Thanks to everyone who participated in the testing of the recent server updates, those updates had very few issues, and are now all pushed to the live server. Updates on content development to follow event. If you notice anything unusual, whether specific to event, or just in general, please let me know.

For Akkadius & Rent,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   RUNNING!
Loot  -  DOUBLED!
Credits  -  DOUBLED!

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

written by Draca | 2201 Views | 27 Replies
One more time...I promise.

I know everyone is getting tired of me asking for testing help, but this should be the last time for awhile, at least for server stability. We have updated the test server with some new underlying code that needs some significant stability testing. This code update is a new interface between the code we use for scripting on EZ, Perl, and the underlying EQ Emulator server code (primarily C++). While this has been tested quite extensively, EZ Server uses Perl scripting near universally, and is the most Perl heavy populated server on EQEmu, as such, we volunteered to be the guinea pigs in wider testing, as it benefits us the most. Scripting controls nearly every aspect of the game, including all custom NPC behavior, some spells, quests, chat interactions with NPC's, Teleporter etc., so even zone pulling and clearing some zones is helpful, as the NPC scripts will run, and we look for any issues. Even simply interacting with NPC's is helpful, and no amount of testing help is too small. If you are able to jump onto the Test server, and notice any issues, please respond here.

Following this testing, we will be basically up to date with the EQ Emulator server code, and shouldn't need to update for some time. We greatly appreciate the help, as it greatly reduces the chances of a bad update making it to our live server, and making a mess.

Immediately upon the completion of this test period, and the successful push to Live, I think it's time for....


Thank you everyone,

For Akkadius & Rent,
          EZ Admin Team
written by Draca | 1566 Views | 14 Replies

As previously mentioned, the underlying server code for EQEmulator has been updated to use int64 for hitpoints, mana, melee damage, spell damage and a few other things. There are also various bug fixes and features added by the EQEmu wizards from time to time. All of these updates were applied to our Test server last night, and I need people to go see if anything is not working correctly. I know it seems a bit of a waste of play time, but I also can’t give this server build a pass until satisfactory testing is done, so as not to risk prod server stability. From Pre-Tier to Veeshan’s Peak, every bit helps.

Couple Notes:
• Character data was refreshed 5/26/22
• There will be specific tuning tests required for Veeshan’s Peak, as the self-buff mitigation will be removed. (I will update when this is needed specifically)
• I don’t plan on removing any other NPC self mitigation buffs at this time, as they are fairly sparsely used, and not worth re-tuning.
• You don’t need to report issues in a technical way, so don’t be intimidated because you don’t specifically know what’s wrong, just give me as much detail as to what you were doing when it happened, and I’ll attempt to re-create and correct.
• Because the Test server is now out of sync with Prod, there will be no patches or fixes until testing is complete.

Thank you everyone, this is a huge step towards massively extending the lifespan of EZ Server, just need a solid week or 2 of some concerted efforts testing, and we should be able to move to Prod, and then the fun really begins (or the work, for me).   Smiley

For Akkadius & Rent

EZ Admin Team
written by Draca | 1332 Views | 7 Replies
What's New?

With Veeshan's Peak now having been released for a little over a month, and following some adjustments seemed to find it's stride, everyone starts to look to what's next. I think that's where I come in...so in no particular order, developments in progress, and some other news:

♦ Food Quests
Following a significant outline by Skankie, there will be stat food quests added for every 2nd Tier. This will include using some until now unused zone trash loot, along with specific items for the quest. This isn't expected to be massive stats, but it will be substantial enough to be a benefit.

♦ All-In-One Mount quest
This is a project exclusively worked on by Ogru, that will require the player to have collected all of the Tier dropped mounts, as well as some additional quest tasks, and results in a clickie item from which you can choose any of the mounts, plus a new one. This looks to be an exciting addition, and the new mount should certainly be worth the time.

♦ Plane of Innovation (Champion's Symbol Upgrade)
This is going to be a fairly straightforward quest zone, resulting in an upgraded Champion's Symbol. It's a combination of kill and collect quest, and while it will take some time to complete, it certainly won't be worse than collecting Souls in Sunderock. It will require the turn-in of the original Champion's Symbol, so you won't have both.

♦ Tier 11 - Dragonscale Hills
This will be my first full progression Tier development, and assuming I can execute the plans I have for the zone, I think it will be an exciting addition to EZ.

♦ News: int64, hp_regen_per_second, DPS tooling
This is all related to new EQEmulator server code additions that Akkadius has made in the past couple weeks. While some of it has uses outside of EZ, much of it was done to help us.

• First up, is the updating of HP, Mana, Endurance, Damage and Hate to int64 from int32. What is int64 and int32 you may be asking? int64 and int32 are basically number limits, ranging from -2147483648 to +2147483647 for int32 increasing to -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to +9, 223,372,036,854,775,807 for int64, that can be used by a program. In EZ's case, with our astronomical damage, and damage bonuses, we can quite easily exceed the int32 limit, at which point the calculation overflows and the resultant number is less than it should be, or quite possibly negative. While we don't do 2.14 billion damage directly, because of the way that damage bonuses (critical hits/blasts) are calculated, it is possible to overflow int32 during the calculation itself, which still results in lesser or negative damage. With this server code update, Akkadius, and the other EQEmu wizards, have made it possible to likely never have to worry about this issue again, 9 quintillion is a big number...

• Secondly is the addition of a new npc_type database entry, hp_regen_per_second.  By using this faster than normal (I believe standard regen is a pulse every 3 seconds) hitpoint regen, it is possible to tune NPC's to expected damage per second, and counteract some of it without resorting to Veeshan's Peak style self buffs. This closely ties into:

•Lastly, in game DPS information. This is a GM tuning tool, but will allow me to observe fights and easily retrieve benchmark DPS data from specific classes, which will be tied into future zone scaling.

All of these improvements are massive for us, and while Akkadius makes anything coding related look absurdly easy, it was no small endeavor, but will really allow me freedom moving forward. Big thanks to Akkadius and the EQEmu wizards for the work on this. Because the change to int64 required the modification of a lot of moving parts, I will be asking for everyone's help to test it for stability on the Test Server. While it has passed scrutiny from the EQEmu developers, we would be foolish not to verify it on Test before deployment to production. I'll make an additional announcement once Test is updated and testing is needed (we should be able to pull current character data over to test). You don't need any particular skills to help in this way, you just play the same way you normally do, see if anything doesn't work correctly and report it if not, so please don't be afraid to help.

I don't have specific timelines for new content releases, as these new server code changes require some changes to so made to plans, but testing must be done on Test first.


I want to thank everyone who stuck with it in Veeshan's Peak while it went through some initial growing pains, and patience with me as I continue to learn. This work continues to be very rewarding, and a great privilege to get the freedom to work on content for this server.

For Akkadius & Rent,


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What the heck is going on??

For anyone who isn't aware, or isn't able to enter Veeshan's Peak yet, prior to this update, bosses were on a standard spawn and respawn timer, which included being popped in any new instance. I was of course aware of this, but did not properly take into account how voraciously people could farm them, Raulfer in particular. In hindsight this was a foolish oversight, as given the chance I would have done the same as a player. Nevertheless the amount of loot that was being generated from these bosses was definitely not intended, and required action. Locking out the zone was the quickest avenue for me at the time, as I was at work, and didn't have time, at the time, to implement and test fixes.

What are the fixes?

There were several changes made, most notably being that the bosses are now triggered at random by killing mobs throughout the zone, more difficult the mob, higher the chances of spawning a boss. Loot was largely left the same on the trash mobs, in fact several items were added to their loot tables that had been requested. There was also a small reduction in damage output of mobs across the board, so it should make it a bit easier to break into the zone, although the mobs will still take some time to kill, and are certainly still not easy.

So the big guys got us nerfed?

No, they simply exposed an issue that would have eventually presented itself anyway. Players who run large group have an advantage, and can steamroll their way through content, however they also have a lot more mouths to feed, and in order to maintain their advantage have an incredible amount of farming to do to completely outfit their teams for whatever content is next. While scaling sounds effective, because of EZ's ridiculous stats, it's not. I also don't feel that content should be made more difficult for larger groups, as that's simply punishing someone for doing something anyone else could do should they choose, run a larger group. Veeshan's Peak is not supposed to be easy, it's not required for any progression, it's designed for maximum gear equipped players to run through some relatively difficult content, and get some appealing loot. 6 man groups will have some difficulty if you are just barely squeaking in with the minimum 5 UA pieces, so some back farming may be required.

What else can we expect?

There will likely continue to be some tuning, both mob and loot, as well as spawn trigger odds. I know it seems easy, or you can say "it's just a few extra GSoA's floating around, what's the big deal? Just leave the loot alone!", but certain aspects of this server must be kept consistent, making it rain loot in a zone doesn't fit.
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Veeshan's Peak is open.
Veeshan's Peak has been locked for the next 24 hours or so.

As more people have been getting into, and playing through Veeshan's Peak, it has become glaringly evident that loot drops are quite honestly out of control. I will admit, I did not expect the level of efficiency with which people would be farming, and the loot needs to be adjusted. There will be several changes which I will outline when they are ready to get pushed Live, but the net result will be a reduction in the amount of loot coming out of VP. This type of change requires implementation and thorough testing, so I have made the decision to lock out VP for the next day or so, while I get these fixes pushed out. There should also be a few other changes, including Legendary RoA click effect fix, hopefully a anti-door chat script fix amongst others.

Apologize for this, but I can't ignore this situation, or allow it to continue.

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Welcome to...
Veeshan's Peak!

(Tier 10.67)

After a long, patient wait by the players of EZ, I'm proud to announce the release of Tier 10.67, Veeshan's Peak.

First in a long line of developments to continue to push EZ Server forward.


Venril Sathir has long reigned from Karnors Castle in the Dreadlands, his power harnessed from the Unholy Writ of War, itself a compendium
of the powers of the primal god, Rallos Zek, though the Writ had been long believed lost. Owing his unnaturally long life to a pact with Innoruuk, Venril Sathir has spread terror across Kunark for generations, and has long been guarded by his loyal drolvarg soldiers. These vicious guard dogs are not mindless creatures, they were once proud Iksar warriors, monks, wizards and necromancers who fiercely opposed Venril's abuse of his power, and rose up to challenge him. Ultimately, they could not overcome Venril's power, and were twisted and subdued to his will. This dominance, while strong, did not completely strip these drolvarg of their free will, but they were near powerless against the might of Venril Sathir, until......

Rumors started to swirl that Venril no longer possessed the Unholy Writ of War, that in fact it had been lost long ago, and the power he drew from it was slowly fading. While weakened perhaps, Venril still possessed near god-like necromantic powers, as well as immortality through Innoruuk, so unseating him was no small task. That is, until drolvarg began hearing whispers of an undead Iksar named Raulfer, who had been trying to gather support against Venril, promising to undo the curse that befell them. Emboldened by this news, the greatest of the drolvarg lashed out at Venril, and took him as their prisoner. They could not stay in Karnor's Castle, as not all drolvarg would agree with their treachery, and they would be vulnerable in that place.

It was at this point that Raulfer began to exert his control over them, and led them to Veeshan's Peak, long the stronghold of Veeshan's children on Kunark, and believed impenetrable. That was not the case. In mere days the drolvarg swept aside all but a few of the dragons within Veeshan's Peak, killing most, enslaving others, with the few remaining fighting pitched battles for their survival. It was here they made their prison for Venril Sathir. Deep within Veeshan's Peak, guarded by the only the fiercest warriors, Raulfer waits. Deeper yet Venril is held by elite guards, who will stop at nothing to prevent any attempt to free him. Not everything is as it seems, and you will be challenged from the moment you step foot in Veeshan's Peak.

Treasure exists in Veeshan's Peak that were thought lost long ago, powerful treasures. Everything in Veeshan's Peak wants to kill you, and it can, so tread carefully....


There are several quests in Veeshan's Peak, some for spells, some for items, all of which you will figure out for yourself. As some people know, Classic through Velious is my favorite era of Everquest, and much of what I loved about it came from the unknown. While I've teased some items, figuring out what's required for them, is up to you, and in game NPC's.


    • Level 79 & 5 pieces of Ultimate Armor required to enter (includes Sleeper wrist and Shaman chest)
    • It's quite difficult...like you're gonna die...for sure...a lot.

    **This is intended to be difficult, more difficult than most content we've grown accustomed too, however, if it turns out that it's just too hard, don't immediately rage quit the server, adjustments will be made if needed.


    Veeshan's Peak requires 3 new files, download them HERE

    Personal Thanks:

    First off, I want to thank Akkadius. This project, along with several other abortions before it, has been more than a year and a half in the making. If anyone doesn't know, Akkadius is an incredibly high-level programmer, and spends an inordinate amount of time keeping the EQEmulator project as a whole progressing forward, while always keeping an eye on EZ. He has spent a substantial amount of time going over aspects of development and server operation that I'm sure he wished I already knew, but has always been supportive in my shortcomings and receptive to my ideas. While I hope to continue to require less and less of his time going forward, his stewardship of EZ Server, and his willingness to spend the time he has with me, makes me excited about the future.

    I want to thank everyone on EZ Server who have universally been very supportive of me, both as a GM, as well as helping where they can with testing. Transitioning to a GM/Developer is more difficult than it seems, as you do have to detach yourself from your player side, and do what holds true to the history of EZ, not just what the majority of the playerbase wants.

    While this is not a complete list, I want to thank a few people specifically, as they have given many hours towards supporting this development:

    First is Icestriker. Ice is well known amongst EZ players, and spent over a hundred hours during my initial deployment phase, working out how to affect the type of fights I wanted to have, during a point where I was incredibly new to the technical aspects of NPC creation, stats and spells. This was a tedious period of repeatedly dying to overpowered mobs, or waiting while I depopped, modified then repopped mobs over and over. Despite being a Florida-man, he is still ok in my book.

    Secondly, with the same, if not more time invested, is Sarthin. Sarthin spent hundreds of hours going through Veeshan, with his full group, single group, 12 man groups, 18 man groups. Pretty much anything I needed, he was more than willing to help me with. His feedback helped shape tuning decisions, as well as helping me work through which mechanics are hard, but good, and which were too hard, and unnecessarily punishing. While he runs a monster group, he was always willing to step down to whatever size group I needed to make sure tuning wasn't too much for a 1 group player. Despite being a Viking that doesn't even own an axe, he is also an ok guy.

    Last but not least, Ogru. Ogru has helped me with several scripting issues either I wasn't able to figure out, or simply didn't have the time. He's never asked for anything, and is typically only wanting to help fix some of the glitchier aspects of the game. So when you don't crash simply trying to use the Universal Teleporter, or when *most* of the scripts work in VP, much thanks should be given to Ogru.

    Finally, in no particular order, I want to thank Kendiian, Miriya, Soron, Slippz, Tankus, Natedog, Dimurwar, Ekiir, Falconkick amongst others who have provided advice, testing, or technical expertise at one point or another during this development. It may not seem like much, but being as green at this as I am, every little bit helps.

    Also a big thank you to Skankie, who while not involved specifically with Veeshan's Peak, has been a driving force behind some as yet unannounced content and quests, he's been tenacious and is helping me cook up some good stuff for everyone.

    All of this testing provided by these players is very beneficial for me, as there is no substitute for real player groups working through the content, while I can observe what's going on from the outside. As I have been to this point, I will be as open as I can about new developments, and will continue to ask for everyone's help to try out new stuff. Sometimes it's as simple as playing through it and giving me feedback, other times it might be actively helping me tune mobs, but even 20-30 minutes running through a boss fight over and over can be super helpful to me, you just have to be ready to die, a lot.

    Finally, I want to thank all of the EZ Server players, who have hung in there during the countless Soon™'s, hopefully you think it was worth the wait. What I don't know I will learn, and what doesn't play well on a larger scale, can be changed, just leave me constructive criticism, and we will work it out.

    This is just the beginning, there's already a development at a strong alpha-build level for ...... Read More
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    Server Back Up

    Server will be down for maintenance, from 4PM EST (GMT-4) with no current estimate on duration.
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    The calls for Halloween have grown louder and louder, and finally got just loud enough to tickle Akkadius' ear...

    Now through Monday, March 28th at noon-ish (GMT-6)


    Additional announcement following this event!

    Your EZ Team,
    Akkadius, Rent & Draca

    You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

    "The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
    Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

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    Exciting News!

    Veeshan's Peak release is imminent...like for real...I promise! More information within the week.

    In order to be ready for Veeshan's Peak release, here are the new files needed, as well as an updated spell file to correct display issues with certain spells (these files are best pasted when all EQ clients are closed, as they require a client reload to take effect anyway, and may be overwritten on log out) :


    [Draca][T10.5 Plat Bags] Previous change to Sleeper drop - Epic Bag of Platinum Pieces did not work correctly, this should now be correct. Stack size has been reduced to 5.
    [Draca] [Mask of Experience Rank 1000] may now be used from inventory.
    [Draca] [Ultimate Longbow XII] previously was set to proc Ultimate Longbow IX effect, it now correctly procs it's own.
    [Draca] [Cuirass of the Neoshamanist] previously had no appearance, it has been set to mirror UA.
    [Draca] [V1 Charm Upgrades] have had their icons changed to differentiate them from the V2 charm upgrades.
    [Draca] [Ultimate Armor] leather and cloth wrist clickable effect had an unassigned clicktype, and attempting to use could require zoning, or hang a client. This has been fixed.
    [Draca] [Ultimate Dagger] had a backstab damage bonus that was set beyond it's limit, resulting in massively reduced damage. This has been corrected.
    [Draca] [Spells] Incinerating Aura V previously had no effect value assigned, this has been corrected.
    [Draca] [Spells] Cleave IX previously did not have 1HB, 1HS or 2HB assigned values for increased change of critical melee. This has been corrected.
    [Draca] [Spells] Several defensive buffs have been reclassified, and will now show up in the normal buff pane, and will persist through zoning.
    [Draca] [Quality of Life] Scorpion Spears now stack to 1000.
    [Draca] [Quality of Life] T10 Souls are now stackable.
    [Draca] [Bug Fixes] Previous adjustment to corpse decay time did not work correctly, it has been fixed. Again. Working on this again, again.
    [Draca] [Bug Fixes] Previous adjustment to the number of item upgrade announcements did not work correcty, it has been fixed. Again.
    [Draca] [Ogru][Bug Fixes] With Ogru's help, the Universal Teleporter should no longer cause client crashes when clicking certain zone group links in chat.
    [Draca] [Previous Change] Expensive Blue Diamonds stack size was reduced to 5, due a possible platinum duping exploit.
    [Draca] Sharpclaw Grimefoot can now spawn from the death of the Bandit leaders. (Ro'kki and Little J'Haughn specifically)



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