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written by Draca | 1150 Views | 32 Replies

I need as many people as possible to log in to Veeshan's Peak on the EZ Test server and just give it a go. I'm looking for any potential issues, glitches, exploitable mechanics...and just some hours spent in zone. There are a few known issues that I will work out, but overall it's nearing completion, and release. Depending on Akkadius' schedule, hoping to release it sometime Nov. 17-20th to Live. If you do log on to Test, be aware that the character data was brought over early-September, and does not update with anything gained on Live, so your gear may be different.

Instead of making this front page post really long, see the first response to this thread for more stuff.....

written by Akkadius | 868 Views | 19 Replies
Running traditional Halloween events that everyone loves through Monday the 8th.

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

And no, no credits, sorry.
written by Akkadius | 981 Views | 22 Replies
EZ Server has migrated away from the EQEmulator loginserver, as there were persistent issues with it's reliability. This means that you won't find EZ Server on the old loginserver, or at least not reliably.

Change your eqhost.txt to login.projecteq.net and use your EQEmu account per normal. eqhost.txt is found in your root Everquest folder, and should be changed to the following:

This should prove to be much more reliable in general.

EZ Server is not in the top level server section, and is in the alphabetical listing.

written by Draca | 890 Views | 15 Replies
Download Veeshan & Spell Files Here

UPDATE 10/15:
Due to last minute spell changes, I will be posting the updated zone and spell file tomorrow evening, so I don't have to do it twice.

To anyone participating, this zone, as I've said several times, is designed to be quite difficult. While there may be more elegant solutions than I am using, these mobs will hit hard, cut through defensives, heavily mitigate incoming damage, and generally re-arrange your face. They respawn fast enough to be unforgiving, and you will find some of your lifelines will not work, or not be effective. Keep in mind, that tuning mobs to hit hard enough to do substantial damage, but not one-shot players, is more of an art than a science, so if you have hard time during this testing, don't be discouraged, such is the way it goes during 'Beta' testing. I don't want to make changes to data with any serious amount of players online, so if it turns out I've either over or under shot it, we'll have to adjust and try again in a future testing session.

As I've said before (possibly just while talking in OOC), I'm not doing anything with previous zones as it relates to the use of certain items/augments etc., the designers of those zones had the same availability as me to limit them, and chose not too, so I won't meddle in that. What I choose to limit in my zones, is of course up to me. Now, does this mean that I'm just going to take the low road, and disable anything that I feel is game-breaking, or not functioning in it's intended way, or otherwise goes against the 'feel' I want for a zone? Yes, actually, that is what I'll do. What I will do though, is give people an alternative, that will work in these zones, but at a reasonable level of effectiveness. Not immediately, and not for this zone, but I'm not going to gimp an item like Ignore Death for example, and not replace it with something. What that is, we'll have to figure out.

Look here tomorrow night (Saturday 10/16 - 9pm PST) for a Drive link with updated files.

10/17 Testers Needed

   I am looking for some folks to help with wide ranging testing of 10.67, next Sunday October 17th, from 5am-11am PST. This will include nearly all aspects of the zone including quests, itemization and (maybe) bosses (although they are key locked, so if you can get to them in 6 hours, they're all yours (and something is horribly wrong)).

Few notes about this zone:
   This zone is intended to be very difficult, even when well geared. Respawns are quick enough that you need to keep moving, and some of the normal lifelines you rely on will not work here. If you wipe, you're clearing back. Mobs in this zone use a combination of mechanics to make them more difficult to kill, and their damage is high. Bosses ramp this up even further, and will require more than tanking and spanking. Attention must be paid to adds, spells etc. to avoid high damage mechanics, or to prevent highly effective beneficial spells being cast on, or by, bosses. My intention is that you will have to use your other boxed toons as more than just mindless DPS, while still not placing too heavy an emphasis on any given class. All that being said, I still want it to be fun to play through, and using this time for an open beta test gives me a chance to see what may not play as well as I hoped.

   This is an open test, anyone can jump on Test server and participate, which obviously will give you some advanced information. There will be no 5 piece UA check in place yet, and because character data was transferred in early September, your characters may not match your Live character, I won't have time to fix that before this testing.

   Ultimately, this is to try and work out any bugs, or tuning issues before it hits live, as changes to Live data are made in a controlled rollout, not the hack and slash approach I can take on Test data (where Akkadius can bail me out *ahem*). As always, I'm open to suggestions, complaints, problems...whatever you're thinking, lay it on me so we can talk about it.

    If you think you can make it, email me at ezserveronline@gmail.com or PM me here, or just log on the EZ Test Server (it's down the server select list a bit) next Sunday, port to Veeshan's Peak and have a go!

written by Draca | 593 Views | 9 Replies
Development Update:

As I said I would, I want to keep everyone updated with the development of Tier 10.67, and to put it simply, it's going quite well.

First off, thank you to everyone who responded with ideas for a different zone from Karnors Castle, I decided to go with Veeshan's Peak, and it's a much better space for sure. My original storyline remains in place, with a few modifications and additions.

Development wise, NPC's are all spawned in place, with a couple rough passes on combat tuning (they're challenging) already done. Spells are generally designed, however not yet available in the game. 1 of the 2 boss scripts is generally done, and functions as intended, with just a bit of tuning to complete on the encounter as a whole, and then complete the 2nd boss script. Itemization is planned, and several items are complete, again, with some possible tuning required.

I am sure that my process is not the most efficient, and I am learning a lot as I go, but I appreciate both the patience, as well as all the kind words people have had for me. EZ Server is an amazing community, it's bigger than any one person, and has been shaped by numerous developer/GM's over it's life, and I only hope I can uphold the standards to which everyone is accustomed too. More than that, I am absolutely enjoying this process, despite some steep learning curves.

My plan is have this available for open beta testing on November 1st, with Live release on Nov. 15th.

I want to thank the following people for their help with various stages of testing and opinions:

Miriya, Soron, Slippz, Tankus, Ogru, Natedog, Falconkick, Dimurwar and Icestriker

I appreciate all the help.

Venril could probably use a little help as well....

Maybe Rangers too...

written by Akkadius | 1359 Views | 20 Replies
Labor day weekend event will be going through Tuesday Noon CST

  • Halloween
  • Double Loot
  • Double Credits (Credits will be disabled again after weekend)

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

Drac as New GM

Congratulations to a new member of the EZ Staff; Drac who has been doing a ton to help out EZ over the past few months. He's taken on GM responsibilities and will be helping out with player issues, bug fixes and working towards creating new content. Please give him your warm welcome if you haven't already


  • [Drac] [Tier 10.5 (Sleeper’s Tomb)] Selling price of Epic Bag of Platinum Pieces has been increased to better reflect the difficulty to obtain them.
  • [Drac] [Tier 10] Free Waypoint (Reward Item) now works in Sunderock
  • [Drac] [Tier 9] Completing Tier 9 should require a full armor set, same as every other tier, however it was possible to complete with only 1 armor piece. This has been corrected to require a full armor set as originally intended.
  • [Drac] [Tier 5] Serras, one of the 100 boss kill quest was misspelled as Sarras, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Tier 1] Spell Vellum did not stack as they should have, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Arthicrex] Succor Point was not a safe spot, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Qvic] Ancient Sand Monster now properly displays its name.
  • [Drac] [Wiki] Wiki links have been added to the zone in text for all progression zones. These will open in the in-game browser window, and can also be accessed by typing #zonename  The zone name is the correct short name for the zone, ie.  Abyss would be #illsalin, Plane of Dragons would be #postorms and so on.

Item Changes

  • [Drac] [Angry Nerds Augment] A combine has been added that utilizes the Magic Box, the Leah’s Magic Leaf and any of the Angry Nerds Revenge of Insults I-VI. The resultant augment will be, as with Rent’s strike augment fix, named I.I-VI.I and will be usable along with the original augment in a weapon with 2 slots.
  • [Drac] [Mana Necklace] Mana Necklace has had the Lore tag removed. Having the lore tag was inconsistent with other tradeable crafted items.
  • [Drac] [Hills of Shade] [Red Toned Diamond] A drop in Hills of Shade (Halloween zone), has had it’s icon changed to differentiate it from the Citrine hitpoint augment.
  • [Drac] [Hills of Shade] [AA Crystals] Hills of Shade AA crystals have been renamed to remove commas from the previous names to be more friendly to loot macros
  • [Drac] [Guardian Charm] had a previous stealth nerf (several months ago) to attempt to bring it into some balance, especially as it relates to zone pulling Sunderock. Those previous changes were: Reduction of the effectiveness of the Vampirism spell effect, which previously ramped from 4%-20%, to 4%-12%. Also, the Chance to Hit % was reduced by half (it was previously 20-100%, it is now 10-50%).

Server Wide Announcements

  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Ring of the Ages will now announce every 100 ranks (previously 25)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Citrine HP Augs will no longer announce at all (previously announced ranks IX and X)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Mask of Experience will now announce every 100 ranks (previously 25)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Shield of the Ages will now announce at every fifth upgrade starting at V(was every rank up)

Quality of Life

  • [Drac] [Quality of Life] [Corpse Decay Timer] has been raised from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. 20 minutes should provide ample time for even the largest zone pulls, or trying to loot in larger boxing groups. This is the one and only time this will be raised.
  • [Drac] [Quality of Life] The following items now stack: Expensive Blue Diamond, Gemstone of the Ages, Glowing Sun Shard, Immaculate Chromatium Fragment, Resist Augments X & XV, Essence of Norrath, All T10 faction weapons, Level 1 Charm Upgrades. (I WILL NOT BE ENDLESSLY FIXING MISTAKEN TURN INS OF STACKED ITEMS. THERE ARE PLENTY OF QUESTS AND TURNS IN THAT  ALREADY REQUIRE DE-STACKING ITEMS, SO PAY ATTENTION.)

Server Code Update

The server has been relatively stable so we've not had a need to do immediate updates. But we're about a year and a half behind in code updates so it's time to bring us up to date.

Code Update Changelog]

  • [Akkadius] (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [Hotfix] Fixing FMT Format Crash (#1516)
  • [Akkadius] Add rule Character:FinalExpMultiplier - Added on top of everything else, easy for setting EXP events
  • [Akkadius] Drone Build Pipeline (#1144)
  • [Akkadius] Fix Loginserver log setting db load init
  • [Akkadius] Fix compiler warnings
  • [Akkadius] Fix for quest::GetZoneLongName(zone_short_name) garbled output (#1134)
  • [Akkadius] Fix overflow issue with character corpse creation using the wrong struct in allocation
  • [Akkadius] Garbage commit to push a build
  • [Akkadius] Move data aliases after null checks for safety [skip ci]
  • [Akkadius] Pad zero size packets which is what we did on encrypted connections prior to #1464 (#1504)
  • [Akkadius] Revert "Merge pull request #1101 from KinglyKrab/custom"
  • [Akkadius] Revert "Spell Fizzle for < LDON expansions via lua_mod (#1118)"
  • [Akkadius] Revert "[BUG] Fix for Group Leader Disband Issue"
  • [Akkadius] SendIllusion Update Internal Values (#1130)
  • [Akkadius] Update repo with latest template [skip ci]
  • [Akkadius] Update repositories
  • [Akkadius] Update world content service API's to consider all expansions enabled
  • [Akkadius] [Command] #gearup Table Auto-Install (#1402)
  • [Akkadius] [Compile Fix] Squelch warnings
  • [Akkadius] [DevTools] Improve DevTools Toggling Options (#1161)
  • [Akkadius] [Door Opening] Rule to let configure Animal Door Opening (#1231)
  • [Akkadius] [Fix] Fix illusions (#1389)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Correct PR syntax issue https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/pull/1374
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] DB Manifest
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Fix crash pertaining to new PVPEnableGuardFactionAssist code (#1393)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Illusion Revert (#1398)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Incorrect Perl usage method (docs)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Remove test branch fields from repo
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] SendIllusion revert to October
  • [Akkadius] [Installer] Swap unstable powershell download for Perl LWP::Simple call
  • [Akkadius] [Library] Update httplib (#1401)
  • [Akkadius] [Logging] Implement World GMSay Logging (#1505)
  • [Akkadius] [Logging] Simplify Log Settings Initialization (#1394)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Add datetime support to repositories (#1503)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Insert repository improvements (#1236)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Regenerate repositories with int64 support, reserved word support (#1440)
  • [Akkadius] [Repository Generator] Add int64/bigint support, add support for reserved words (#1439)
  • [Akkadius] [Repository Usage] Migrate NPC Scale Manager to use repositories (#1441)
  • [Akkadius] [Scheduler] Event scheduler implementation (#1257)
  • [Akkadius] [Server] Tweak inter process keepalive timers; this is a very tiny overhead for inter-process chatter to check for connection liveness (#1502)
  • [Alex] Add HasDisciplineLearned() to Perl/Lua.
  • [Alex] Add ScaleNPC() to Perl and Lua. (#1238)
  • [Alex] Add SetRadiantCrystals() and SetEbonCrystals() to Perl/Lua. (#1159)
  • [Alex] Add character-specific zone-based experience modifiers. (#1326)
  • [Alex] Add new experience modifiers table to GetCharacterTables() and GetPlayerTables() in database_schema.h. (#1338)
  • [Alex] Add removeitem(item_id, quantity) to Perl/Lua. (#1156)
  • [Alex] Convert NPC Spell AI from int16 to uint16. (#1262)
  • [Alex] Fix Perl NPC GetAvoidanceRating() Perl Croak. ...... Read More
written by Draca | 2156 Views | 30 Replies
I wanted to post a quick update, regarding upcoming content on EZ Server. While I'm not inclined to offer many details, other than to say that progress on what will be my first zone development is going well (Karnors Castle), and I think it will be a challenging addition to EZ Server. As will become clear in the near future, I intend to be transparent about certain aspects of zone development, while remaining completely silent on others.  I feel like sharing inside information with anyone, whether a friend of mine or not, is a waste of the time and effort I am putting in to develop content that is challenging and fun.

With that being said, my first zone development will have 2 entrance requirements, which I choose to share now, so that people can begin working towards them, as well as eliminate any claim that anyone knew anything before anyone else.

Tier 10.666666666667 Requirements:

  • 5 pieces of Ultimate Armor (Royal Brushed Kote from Sleepers Tomb will count toward UA requirement)
  • Level 79

That's all I am going to share regarding this development, I know that new content is something everyone is looking forward too, and I continue to work hard behind the scenes to make that happen.


written by Akkadius | 587 Views | 2 Replies
Running Halloween / Double Loot (No credits still) through Tuesday Noon Central

Enjoy your Holiday weekend folks and be safe!

written by Akkadius | 1435 Views | 11 Replies
Per the EZ Events suggestion thread; it seems we want to do Halloween yet again.

This event will be kicked off for a week. We'll see where were at this weekend whether we extend or just continue with Double Loot. The event will at least run through Monday the 17th


  • Halloween event Enabled
  • Double Loot Enabled
  • Double Credits Enabled

Also get your chance at credits while they're available. I've spoken about it a few different times recently but I will likely be disabling donations for some unknown time. I've kept them open because I get bugged about it constantly whenever they have been disabled
written by Akkadius | 2179 Views | 27 Replies
Comment down below what events you'd like to see!
written by Akkadius | 5053 Views | 35 Replies
In reluctance of giving a very long Halloween event this last Labor day that many exploited, Halloween will be running for the week through the 8th noon CST with some key changes

  • Original Magorian cooldown has been returned
  • Magorian reset exploit is removed
  • The ability to bypass realm checks has been removed
  • Realm counts increased to 15
  • Zone pulls in the realms are disallowed (Tired of constant griefing complaints and the zone was never meant to be zone pulled to begin with)
  • Minimum level 72 required to enter Plane of Regret


  • Both Halloween events are enabled
  • Only Double Loot is enabled (Not double credits)

Have a safe Halloween everyone

The EZ Team
written by Akkadius | 2502 Views | 12 Replies
Folks have requested an event for Labor day weekend, this time we will go through Wednesday Noon (9th) to give some weekdayers also a chance to get in on the grind

EDIT: Extending through to Monday to offset a little bit of 2020 for everyone Smiley Enjoy!


  • Both Halloween events are enabled


  • Double Credit & Loot

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

The EZ Team
written by Akkadius | 2113 Views | 7 Replies
Server update / upgrade has been completed successfully; the hardware has been updated once again and EZ is running on hardware that is twice as fast as the old

To celebrate the 4th as many people are still not able to enjoy being outside; we're going to kick off some our usual events and will be enabled through Monday 12 PM CST


  • Both Halloween events are enabled


  • Double Credit & Loot

If you've sent in a ticket recently we will be going through and making sure they are addressed

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

The EZ Team
written by Akkadius | 995 Views | 1 Reply
EZ will be going down briefly around 12PM CST for some brief updates / hardware upgrades in effort to give players the best possible experience

This work should take at most an hour and services should return within the window

Update: Under crazily rare coincidental circumstances; the datacenter is going through issues at the same time, making it difficult for me to push the changes through to move EZ's services or even restore services; I am waiting for the datacenter to restore some of their API services in order to get things back online

Update 1:12: Looks like some of their API services are starting to respond again and I should be able to start making moves here
written by Akkadius | 4934 Views | 16 Replies

  • Issue resolved where the world server was locking up periodically
  • Issue resolved where UA bracers were not being counted twice in Sleeper


  • Doubles enabled
  • Halloween enabled

Enabled at least through the weekend, more specifics later

EDIT: We've been going on for almost two weeks now for the sake that everyone has been trapped at home, current festivities will end Monday noon. We will give it a break and regroup with something the next weekend
written by Akkadius | 4549 Views | 22 Replies

  • Pathing no longer experiences direct warping when trying to traverse to players beyond a certain distance
  • Deleted character names will no longer be hard reserved and will be freed up for re-created characters
  • Improvements to network resend logic that may help poorer network connections
  • Expedition functionality should be restored
  • GSOA's should be dropping regularly again
Print article Jan 23 2020 EZ Event
written by Akkadius | 2205 Views | 7 Replies
As promised and as anticipated, when we landed a successful update and transition we would do an event. I'm very happy with how the transition has gone after a tremendous amount of work and thank everyone who has helped get us through it, there are still things being followed up on but a majority of them are ironed out

Took a vote in game; between next weekend or this weekend, everyone chose this weekend so here it is.


  • Halloween event enabled
  • Doubles
  • Event will be on-going until Monday 12 CST
  • (Stress testing) If we can push 1,000+ toons; we will do triple loot for the remainder of the time
  • (Stress testing) If we can push 1,400+ toons; we will do quad loot for the remainder of the time

Have a fun time and enjoy everyone!

The EZ Server Team
written by Akkadius | 6971 Views | 45 Replies
Greetings everyone!

This update consists of two major elements, we're updating EZ to the past year and a half of EQEmulator code changes, most of which can be found here at EQEmulator's official change-log in more detail: https://eqemu.gitbook.io/changelog/years/2019

The other piece of this is that we have changed server hardware, the new server should be plenty robust and folks should notice quite a speed improvement when zoning and doing anything on the server. These speed improvements are both because of hardware and a LOT of performance optimizations made into the server code in recent years

The main parts of the code that had massive changes around them we had tested for two weeks on the test server

Notable Positive Updates

  • Improved zone times (3-4 seconds in most zones depending on zone size and your connection)
  • Improved server responsiveness across the board
  • Improved mob pathing, roam-box pathing, general mob pathing movement updates should be far smoother
  • Two additional top level inventory slots
  • Many stability improvements, crash fixes

Test Server Testing (Post Update)

  • Combat (damage should be improved if anything) Done
  • Factions, interactions with factions, quests in both T9 and T10 Done
  • Task functionality Done
  • Interaction with items Done
  • Expedition functionality Done

We had several people who were kind to donate their time to relieve a lot of the issue that did not make it to the day of the migration. These testers were Dimurwar, Ekiir, Tobin, Icestriker, Lillya, Samatron, Dracawarrior, Adoptedmonk, Xkan and a handful of others, my apologies if I'm forgetting others or if I mentioned you twice

Changelog (Post Update)

  • Fixed an issue where certain tasks were not progressing correctly due to task behavior changes in the code update
  • Fixed an issue regarding character factions as they had not been displaying properly due to the update
  • Resolved an issue where some characters were missing factions entirely
  • EZ Help Menu will now display when a player first connects initially
  • Nuwferus MacKilligan in T10 now additionally makes sure to see you have the hammer quest complete before attempting to make any armor combines for players
  • Fixed an issue with broken commands due to server update and backend code changes that broke command behavior
  • Fixed the Mask of the Illusionist command functionality


  • Resolved an issue where aggro was not nearly responsive as it should have been when in direct aggro or social npc to npc proximity assist aggro
  • Resolved an issue where NPC's may not be exactly responsive to aggro when just entering a zone for the first few seconds (Reboot)
  • Resolved an issue with claim commands as a result of the update (Reboot)
  • Restored functionality to the website character mover


  • Resolved an issue where folks would request too many unique zones simultaneously and get kicked back out falling from the sky - by increasing our dynamic standby processes


  • Those who had issues with credits missing have had them restored since the migration
  • Gnoll assassins run-speed in T10 has been adjusted to be more inline with other mobs
  • Most in-game command should be fixed again, if any are remaining broke please post them in the 2020 update thread
  • Resolved an issue where freshly spawned NPCs may not behave correctly in terms of aggro


  • Class Inks are now available on the Noobie Merchant
  • Removed class ink from all remaining loot tables
  • Fixed issues where Sleeper named were not operating under proper respawn times

Site Updates

  • Character browser has been update to point to the new server and we've also updated our version of Magelo to the most recent, so you should notice some improvements to the UI and display of character data. You may need to clear your cache in order to have things display correctly

We are currently in the process of addressing any issues in-game due to the transition, please respond in thread with any issues that you believe to be related to the transition and we will take a look at them one at a time. Once transition issues are settled there are plans to go through the Broken Stuff Repair Shop

Once we get past said issues and the dust has settled we should be able to get an event going for folks

If you are having character issues please send an E-Mail to ezserveronline@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for your patience ahead of time

The EZ Server Team
written by Akkadius | 2890 Views | 13 Replies
For those who were online before the New Years, we did 5x loot for a few hours

We will now do Double Loot / Credits through Friday night to also double for as we make a transition onto a new server and go through a code update. Depending on how the code update goes we may extend through the entire weekend


Akka and Rent
written by Akkadius | 1243 Views | 0 Replies
Just as an FYI if folks have not received notifications in regards to Wiki user creation requests, I just went through roughly a dozen

If you want to contribute to the user created and maintained Wiki, please feel free to register on the Wiki itself and shoot us a message at ezserveronline@gmail.com and we will check as creation requests do not notify us
written by Akkadius | 3242 Views | 13 Replies
The next few days I will be doing a long laundry list of OS, VM and hardware upgrades. The site has been migrated onto new hardware and if you notice any issues please report them here

EZ Server itself will be staged soon for not only a migration but a host update as well

Stay tuned for announcements around New Years events
written by Akkadius | 2770 Views | 9 Replies
Double loot will remain on through Monday Noon CST
written by Rent Due | 3970 Views | 17 Replies
Welcome back to Sleeper!

------> 10.5 Launch <------

This is not the Sleeper zone you remember though,
New and more dynamic fights, greater threats and new NPCs
to challenge you.

Demanding new grinds

Amazing new Gear for.

A chance to form new play strategies.

As well as some familar sights, with a new twist
of course.

New spells for every class.

As always, great new one liners that will make you
laugh and feel right at home!

Download the new server files and check with the
Universal Teleporter to see if you are uber enough
to enter this bold new chapter! New spell recipes
posted on the website main page.

Report any issues to ezserveronline@gmail.com
Attention: Sleeper Zone Issue

written by Rent Due | 1583 Views | 0 Replies
Strike Augments Insertion and Removal Overhaul

For years now we have had this NPC, now, no one likes this NPC
but everyone that uses a 2h weapon has been forced to use this

Yes, that dreaded "That guy ate my augment and weapon" NPC in
The Nexus.

Well, no more! The foot has been put down and no more will we have
to bow down before this item eating NPC to insert strike augments
into weapons!


I have created a separate yet identical strike augment for every
strike augment there is in the game. I have named them different
and they have different ID numbers, you can see an example of
this here...

Ok, great, but how do we get the new strike augments?


We are going to use our trusty...

In it, put one of your strike augments and a new recipe component

This new item can be purchased in Surefall Glade (QRG) for now
the Noobie Merchant sells it.

Then you take your new strike augment and put it in your 2hand
whatever weapon, then put a normal (old version) strike augment
into that weapon and BOOM, MAGIC! You can take them out and put
them in at will just like any other augment. 3000 IQ!

Now, if for some reason you want to change your augment back to
the old version, just reverse the process.

Any questions, or issues with this system please email me at
ezserveronline@gmail.com and put in the subject line:
Strike Augment Issue

On another note, the NPC in Nexus that does the shady item eating
will be changed and or removed soon as I know this system is understood
by all and used easily by all.

Thanks all
written by Rent Due | 2508 Views | 4 Replies
Greetings EZ Server Players!

The time for change has come for a mostly Forgotten class


For some time now players have avoided playing Rangers, one of the reasons
is the Epic Augment. Currently the Ranger Epic Augment is only usable in
Bow Weapons.

But, remember when Ranger Epics used to look like this...

Well, we are going back in time and make this the norm again!

But how?

First off you will have to have take any Ranger Epic Augment, like this one...

Next you will need a Magic Box, everyone has that!

You will have to put your current Ranger Epic Augment into that Magic box, but
what do we combine it with?

one of these...

Wait a sec, we have never seen one of those drop in game, where do I get one
of these things?

Surely something in there will have one!

But, what do I end up with?

WOW! You mean I can use that in my 1h weapons? Both Primary and Secondary?

Can I change back to the Bow usable Ranger Epic Augment? YES, you can. You will
just need to reverse the process, new version Ranger Epic Augment + Ranger
Epic Modification Element in your Magic Box.

What else do I need to do? Download the New Spell File, since this is a new
element of the game please download the new spell file from the
"Rent's EZ Server Files Test" link on the website. Before you replace your
spell file in your Everquest Folder please make a backup of that Spell File
and save it somewhere (always a good idea).

Thank you all that asked for this change (including myself lol) And thank
you for your patience in waiting on this change.



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