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Title: Donating
Post by: Akkadius on April 05, 2014, 03:15:17 pm
*Just a reminder: No one has to donate, if you wish to support the server here are your options

Paypal: Temporarily Online for Holidays

Credits are 1:1 unless a double event is in place.

If you wish to support the server you must follow the below directions exactly.

First you will need to send the donation via 'Send money to friends and family':


To: akkadius1@gmail.com

For Immediate Fulfillment:

You need to enter EXACTLY the following information in the Notes field (Copy and paste):

EZ Server :: Character: <Your_Character_Name> E-Mail: <Your_Email_Address> Comments: <comment_whatever_you_wish_to_say>


EZ Server :: Character: Akkadius E-Mail: akkadius1@gmail.com Comments: Thanks for everything!


Failure to put the necessary information in the notes field could result in delayed processing.

Once given the necessary information, within a reasonable amount of time (1-10 minutes) you will receive an in-game tell to your character along with an E-Mail with the same copied information thanking you for the support.

Keep in mind as well that an E-Mail will be sent to your filled in E-Mail in addition to your Paypal E-Mail


If you send it via any other method I will reject it and send it back.