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Author Topic: Broken Stuff Repair Shop v3.0  (Read 49395 times)
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« Reply #345 on: September 03, 2023, 04:42:27 pm »

Since the patch then the patch take back patch (Grins) there has been an issues with social agro with mobs in some zones. In sleepers specifically, you can sometimes pull right over another mob of the same type and still not agro them at times. Not sure if the radius was decreased by a tremendous amount or what was changed exactly, but something is definitely still in effect.


Nothing was changed with aggro radius anywhere, I'll catch you online, see if I can see what's going on.

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« Reply #346 on: September 16, 2023, 05:12:51 am »

Yes the aggro is definitely not working in sleeper as little annoying things and dragons and crystal things don't aggro.
What used to happen is when I pull an annoying thing, 2 crystals nearby would come along too.
Now when I pull the annoying thing it comes alone out from between the 2 crystals. Its like their aggro radius is just too short. What would normally produce a train big enough to kill me is now completely unable to kill me as its all single pulls.

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« Reply #347 on: October 30, 2023, 05:13:09 am »

I got Noots Crusty Spatula of Spanking from Hills of Shade for my cleric today and noticed it has no augment slot for epic . Seems odd as it can only be used by classes that can not dual wield
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« Reply #348 on: November 02, 2023, 08:58:47 pm »

This has happened twice now and so will keep an eye out if I do it again.  Here is the order of things as I did it and noticed.  (Edit) 3rd time I figure out what is happening.

Sunder Rock
Pulled boss Darkpaw Rellognub alone - (edit) - about 10 "a bubbling corpse" spawn somewhere and walk over to kill Darkpaw Rellognub
First set of adds spawned
Necro dots - Death 1-4 then Epidemic from main and second necro
Second set of adds

Gnolls from north camp come running to the fight (No idea why as I didnt pull them) - (Edit) - Gnolls from north camp came to assist Darkpaw Rellognub fight the "a bubbling corpse"
Get nuke by "a bubbling corpse" multiple times ranging from 800k to 4mil - (Edit) - Seems to be an AoE proc from them as I moved away and did not agro them.  "a bubbling corpse" killed Darkpaw Rellognub and the north camp Gnolls killed "a bubbling corpse".

Will see if I manage it again and edit the post. - (Edit) - Figured things out abit more.  Took screen shots since it was so weird and I managed to live this time.
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