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Author Topic: EZ Progression Armor Tracker  (Read 1275 times)
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« on: February 04, 2022, 02:11:32 pm »

Introducing the EZ Progression Armor Tracker!

This macro will allow you to easily check what armor pattern or component you need on each character to complete the armor set for each tier (up to T8).

I started working on this quite a while ago, but put it to the side and forgot about it for some time now. So, I figured I should release it so that all the new plays can benefit from all my hard work.

Help Menu: /EZProgression Help

By running the command '/EZProgression', it will list out the current uncompleted tier for each slot. This will show what patter or component you Need or Have. In the below example, Odiumm has the Leg component but not the pattern/mold. He does have both the Pattern/mold and component for the Hands, so that means that they just need to be combined to complete that armor piece.

For this example, the command '/bcaa //EZProgression QVIC' was run and it only shows the uncompleted armor for the tier 'QVIC' on all characters

For this example, the command '/bcaa //EZProgression Arms' was run and it only shows the uncompleted “Arm” slot on all characters

You can then use both the 'Tier' and 'Slot' to refine the list down more. '/bcaa //EZProgression QVIC Arms' from the above example would only return RLain since Odiumm has completed QVIC. This can be very helpful when you have lots of characters, multiple of the same class, or if a patter drops that will work for multiple classes.

  • T9 and T10 - Do not work with this macro since they are both Faction based. (I may incorporate them later if is enough request for this)
  • T2 – Works with Dragon Class Armor patterns
  • Wrist Slot 2 – Is disabled by default, can be enabled by going to EZProgression_Character.ini and set ShowWrist2=TRUE
  • Not all Classes have been tested. If you find that it is not detecting that you have a specific item, please check the Armor list file to verify that it is spelled correctly. Please notify me in-game or post a message here if you find any issues, so that I can update the master files.

To Use:
  • Put EZProgression.mac and EZProgression_Armor_List.ini into your Macro folder
  • Run macro: /mac EZProgression
  • After first use: /EZProgression and /EZP will work as aliases
  • Help Menu: /EZProgression Help

Please message me (Ogru) in-game before posting here for issues.

Armor list updated: 8/11/22

(must be logged-in to view/download files)
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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2022, 02:17:01 pm »

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« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2022, 02:20:23 pm »

dang awesome !! Thanks
... just got done with my excel lol
This is 100% awesome

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« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2022, 03:14:32 pm »

This is amazing, fantastic work!
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« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2022, 04:23:59 pm »

Just awesome work, Ogru!

I hope I never end up using it though, but knowing myself, I guess at some point I will feel the need for more characters  Cheesy

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« Reply #5 on: June 15, 2022, 09:44:12 pm »

Loving this, has anyone gone to the trouble of including additional elements (such as epics) into this by chance?
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« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2022, 08:12:35 pm »

Wow that's great, Ogru!  Wish i had this many moons ago.
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« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2022, 10:31:25 am »

Loving this, has anyone gone to the trouble of including additional elements (such as epics) into this by chance?

Glad you like it! I had thought about it and did a little work with it, but didnt get very far. Maybe one day ill give it a go again.

Wow that's great, Ogru!  Wish i had this many moons ago.

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« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2022, 03:03:05 am »

This is fantastic work, thanks so much!
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« Reply #9 on: July 23, 2022, 08:48:22 pm »

Built out the T9 pattern and armor list to be added.

BER_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Armguards Pattern
BER_Arms=Brawlers Armguards of the Obliteration
BER_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Mail Pattern
BER_Chest=Brawlers Mail of the Obliteration
BER_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Boots Pattern
BER_Feet=Brawlers Boots of the Obliteration
BER_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Mitts Pattern
BER_Hands=Brawlers Mitts of the Obliteration
BER_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Crown Pattern
BER_Head=Brawlers Crown of the Obliteration
BER_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Greaves Pattern
BER_Legs=Brawlers Greaves of the Obliteration
BER_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Wristguards Pattern
BER_Wrist1=Brawlers Wristguards of the Obliteration
BER_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Berserker Wristguards Pattern
BER_Wrist2=Brawlers Wristguards of the Obliteration
BRD_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Vambracers Pattern
BRD_Arms=Sticky Vambraces of the Spider
BRD_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Cuirass Pattern
BRD_Chest=Sticky Cuirass of the Spider
BRD_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Boots Pattern
BRD_Feet=Sticky Boots of the Spider
BRD_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Gauntlets Pattern
BRD_Hands=Sticky Gauntlets of the Spider
BRD_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Helm Pattern
BRD_Head=Sticky Helm of the Spider
BRD_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Greaves Pattern
BRD_Legs=Sticky Greaves of the Spider
BRD_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Wristplates Pattern
BRD_Wrist1=Sticky Wristplates of the Spider
BRD_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Bard Wristplates Pattern
BRD_Wrist2=Sticky Wristplates of the Spider
BST_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Sleeves Pattern
BST_Arms=Hard Leather Sleeves of the Piranha
BST_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Tunic Pattern
BST_Chest=Hard Leather Tunic of the Piranha
BST_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Boots Pattern
BST_Feet=Hard Leather Boots of the Piranha
BST_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Gloves Pattern
BST_Hands=Hard Leather Gloves of the Piranha
BST_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Skullcap Pattern
BST_Head=Hard Leather Skullcap of the Piranha
BST_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Pantaloons Pattern
BST_Legs=Hard Leather Pantaloons of the Piranha
BST_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Wristwraps Pattern
BST_Wrist1=Hard Leather Wristwraps of the Piranha
BST_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Beastlord Wristwraps Pattern
BST_Wrist2=Hard Leather Wristwraps of the Piranha
CLR_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Vambracers Pattern
CLR_Arms=Holy Vambraces of the Wisp
CLR_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Cuirass Pattern
CLR_Chest=Holy Cuirass of the Wisp
CLR_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Boots Pattern
CLR_Feet=Holy Boots of the Wisp
CLR_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Gauntlets Pattern
CLR_Hands=Holy Gauntlets of the Wisp
CLR_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Helm Pattern
CLR_Head=Holy Helm of the Wisp
CLR_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Greaves Pattern
CLR_Legs=Holy Greaves of the Wisp
CLR_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Wristplates Pattern
CLR_Wrist1=Holy Wristplates of the Wisp
CLR_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Cleric Wristplates Pattern
CLR_Wrist2=Holy Wristplates of the Wisp
DRU_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Sleeves Pattern
DRU_Arms=Fur Covered Sleeves of the Wolf
DRU_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Tunic Pattern
DRU_Chest=Fur Covered Tunic of the Wolf
DRU_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Boots Pattern
DRU_Feet=Fur Covered Boots of the Wolf
DRU_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Gloves Pattern
DRU_Hands=Fur Covered Gloves of the Wolf
DRU_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Skullcap Pattern
DRU_Head=Fur Covered Skullcap of the Wolf
DRU_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Pantaloons Pattern
DRU_Legs=Fur Covered Pantaloons of the Wolf
DRU_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Wristwraps Pattern
DRU_Wrist1=Fur Covered Wristwraps of the Wolf
DRU_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Druid Wristwraps Pattern
DRU_Wrist2=Fur Covered Wristwraps of the Wolf
ENC_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Sleeves Pattern
ENC_Arms=Enchanted Sleeves of the Snake
ENC_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Robe Pattern
ENC_Chest=Enchanted Robe of the Snake
ENC_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Slippers Pattern
ENC_Feet=Enchanted Slippers of the Snake
ENC_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Gloves Pattern
ENC_Hands=Enchanted Gloves of the Snake
ENC_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Cowl Pattern
ENC_Head=Enchanted Cowl of the Snake
ENC_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Breeches Pattern
ENC_Legs=Enchanted Breeches of the Snake
ENC_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Wristcuffs Pattern
ENC_Wrist1=Enchanted Wristcuffs of the Snake
ENC_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Enchanter Wristcuffs Pattern
ENC_Wrist2=Enchanted Wristcuffs of the Snake
MAG_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Sleeves Pattern
MAG_Arms=Conjured Sleeves of the Scarab
MAG_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Robe Pattern
MAG_Chest=Conjured Robe of the Scarab
MAG_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Slippers Pattern
MAG_Feet=Conjured Slippers of the Scarab
MAG_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Gloves Pattern
MAG_Hands=Conjured Gloves of the Scarab
MAG_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Cowl Pattern
MAG_Head=Conjured Cowl of the Scarab
MAG_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Breeches Pattern
MAG_Legs=Conjured Breeches of the Scarab
MAG_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Wristcuffs Pattern
MAG_Wrist1=Conjured Wristcuffs of the Scarab
MAG_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Mage Wristcuffs Pattern
MAG_Wrist2=Conjured Wristcuffs of the Scarab
MNK_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Sleeves Pattern
MNK_Arms=Masters Sleeves of the Cat
MNK_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Tunic Pattern
MNK_Chest=Masters Tunic of the Cat
MNK_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Boots Pattern
MNK_Feet=Masters Boots of the Cat
MNK_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Gloves Pattern
MNK_Hands=Masters Gloves of the Cat
MNK_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Skullcap Pattern
MNK_Head=Masters Skullcap of the Cat
MNK_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Pantaloons Pattern
MNK_Legs=Masters Pantaloons of the Cat
MNK_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Wristwraps Pattern
MNK_Wrist1=Masters Wristwraps of the Cat
MNK_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Monk Wristwraps Pattern
MNK_Wrist2=Masters Wristwraps of the Cat
NEC_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Sleeves Pattern
NEC_Arms=Dark Sleeves of the Undead
NEC_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Robe Pattern
NEC_Chest=Dark Robe of the Undead
NEC_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Slippers Pattern
NEC_Feet=Dark Slippers of the Undead
NEC_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Gloves Pattern
NEC_Hands=Dark Gloves of the Undead
NEC_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Cowl Pattern
NEC_Head=Dark Cowl of the Undead
NEC_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Breeches Pattern
NEC_Legs=Dark Breeches of the Undead
NEC_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Wristcuffs Pattern
NEC_Wrist1=Dark Wristcuffs of the Undead
NEC_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Necro Wristcuffs Pattern
NEC_Wrist2=Dark Wristcuffs of the Undead
PAL_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Vambracers Pattern
PAL_Arms=Knights Vambraces of the Lion
PAL_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Cuirass Pattern
PAL_Chest=Knights Cuirass of the Lion
PAL_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Boots Pattern
PAL_Feet=Knights Boots of the Lion
PAL_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Gauntlets Pattern
PAL_Hands=Knights Gauntlets of the Lion
PAL_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Helm Pattern
PAL_Head=Knights Helm of the Lion
PAL_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Greaves Pattern
PAL_Legs=Knights Greaves of the Lion
PAL_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Wristplates Pattern
PAL_Wrist1=Knights Wristplates of the Lion
PAL_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Paladin Wristplates Pattern
PAL_Wrist2=Knights Wristplates of the Lion
RNG_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Armguards Pattern
RNG_Arms=Stalkers Armguards of the Panther
RNG_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Mail Pattern
RNG_Chest=Stalkers Mail of the Panther
RNG_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Boots Pattern
RNG_Feet=Stalkers Boots of the Panther
RNG_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Mitts Pattern
RNG_Hands=Stalkers Mitts of the Panther
RNG_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Crown Pattern
RNG_Head=Stalkers Crown of the Panther
RNG_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Greaves Pattern
RNG_Legs=Stalkers Greaves of the Panther
RNG_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Wristguards Pattern
RNG_Wrist1=Stalkers Wristguards of the Panther
RNG_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Ranger Wristguards Pattern
RNG_Wrist2=Stalkers Wristguards of the Panther
ROG_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Armguards Pattern
ROG_Arms=Assassins Armguards of the Cutthroat
ROG_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Mail Pattern
ROG_Chest=Assassins Mail of the Cutthroat
ROG_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Boots Pattern
ROG_Feet=Assassins Boots of the Cutthroat
ROG_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Mitts Pattern
ROG_Hands=Assassins Mitts of the Cutthroat
ROG_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Crown Pattern
ROG_Head=Assassins Crown of the Cutthroat
ROG_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Greaves Pattern
ROG_Legs=Assassins Greaves of the Cutthroat
ROG_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Wristguards Pattern
ROG_Wrist1=Assassins Wristguards of the Cutthroat
ROG_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Rogue Wristguards Pattern
ROG_Wrist2=Assassins Wristguards of the Cutthroat
SHD_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Vambracers Pattern
SHD_Arms=Bloodstained Vambraces of the Shadowmen
SHD_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Cuirass Pattern
SHD_Chest=Bloodstained Cuirass of the Shadowmen
SHD_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Boots Pattern
SHD_Feet=Bloodstained Boots of the Shadowmen
SHD_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Gauntlets Pattern
SHD_Hands=Bloodstained Gauntlets of the Shadowmen
SHD_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Helm Pattern
SHD_Head=Bloodstained Helm of the Shadowmen
SHD_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Greaves Pattern
SHD_Legs=Bloodstained Greaves of the Shadowmen
SHD_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Wristplates Pattern
SHD_Wrist1=Bloodstained Wristplates of the Shadowmen
SHD_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Shardowknight Wristplates Pattern
SHD_Wrist2=Bloodstained Wristplates of the Shadowmen
SHM_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Armguards Pattern
SHM_Arms=Strong Armguards of the Bear
SHM_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Mail Pattern
SHM_Chest=Strong Mail of the Bear
SHM_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Boots Pattern
SHM_Feet=Strong Boots of the Bear
SHM_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Mitts Pattern
SHM_Hands=Strong Mitts of the Bear
SHM_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Crown Pattern
SHM_Head=Strong Crown of the Bear
SHM_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Greaves Pattern
SHM_Legs=Strong Greaves of the Bear
SHM_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Wristguards Pattern
SHM_Wrist1=Strong Wristguards of the Bear
SHM_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Shaman Wristguards Pattern
SHM_Wrist2=Strong Wristguards of the Bear
WAR_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Vambraces Pattern
WAR_Arms=Vicious Vambraces of the Kodiak
WAR_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Cuirass Pattern
WAR_Chest=Vicious Cuirass of the Kodiak
WAR_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Boots Pattern
WAR_Feet=Vicious Boots of the Kodiak
WAR_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Gauntlets Pattern
WAR_Hands=Vicious Gauntlets of the Kodiak
WAR_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Helm Pattern
WAR_Head=Vicious Helm of the Kodiak
WAR_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Greaves Pattern
WAR_Legs=Vicious Greaves of the Kodiak
WAR_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Wristplates Pattern
WAR_Wrist1=Vicious Wristplates of the Kodiak
WAR_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Warrior Wristplates Pattern
WAR_Wrist2=Vicious Wristplates of the Kodiak
WIZ_Arms_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Sleeves Pattern
WIZ_Arms=Flame Sleeves of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Chest_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Robe Pattern
WIZ_Chest=Flame Robe of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Feet_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Slippers Pattern
WIZ_Feet=Flame Slippers of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Hands_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Gloves Pattern
WIZ_Hands=Flame Gloves of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Head_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Cowl Pattern
WIZ_Head=Flame Cowl of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Legs_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Breeches Pattern
WIZ_Legs=Flame Breeches of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Wrist1_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Wristcuffs Pattern
WIZ_Wrist1=Flame Wristcuffs of the Fire Beetle
WIZ_Wrist2_Pattern=Old Commons Wizard Wristcuffs Pattern
WIZ_Wrist2=Flame Wristcuffs of the Fire Beetle
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« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2022, 03:20:38 pm »

Thank you for all the hard work on this macro!  Just coming back to the game and this really helped out.

I did find that the name of the T6 Necro robe is incorrect in the Armor_List.ini file.  It should be "Innoruuk's Robes III'".
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« Reply #11 on: July 31, 2022, 11:45:10 am »

I did find that the name of the T6 Necro robe is incorrect in the Armor_List.ini file.  It should be "Innoruuk's Robes III'".

Thanks! Updated the Armor list file.
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« Reply #12 on: July 31, 2022, 11:47:39 pm »

Wizzie robes wrong
T4 should be: Solusek Ro's Robe Patterns
T5 should be: Solusek Ro's Robe Patterns II

I think the T2 has same issue for Wizzie, but I just used Dragon class stuff for all so I can't confirm that.

T2 Necro Robe should be : Corpse Gatherer's Robe Patterns
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« Reply #13 on: August 11, 2022, 10:56:54 pm »

Updated Armor list. Looked like a bunch of the Wizard robes where wrong. Thanks Clyde
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