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Halloween Event  -   Running
Fear Itself - Open.
Double Loot  -  Running.
Double Exp.  -  Running.
Credits  - Closed.
Rallos Zek event  - Closed

Events will be available on EZ throughout the weekend. Enjoy!
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Welcome to...
Thule Dream, Event Zone

Fear Itself


In the vast, mysterious realm of Norrath, where legends and nightmares intertwine, there exists a place shrouded in darkness and fear. It is a realm beyond the waking world, where the fabric of reality frays, and the nightmares of mortals come to life. This realm is known by many names, but most commonly as "Fear Itself" or "Thule Dream."

Legend has it that Thule Dream is a plane of existence created by the dark deity Cazic Thule, the God of Fear. Deep within the darkest corners of Norrath, where the shadows whisper and the night is eternal, lies the entrance to this twisted realm. It is said that those who dare to venture into Thule Dream find themselves lost in a dream of terror, where their deepest fears manifest into horrifying realities.

The origins of Fear Itself are steeped in ancient lore. It is said that Cazic Thule forged this realm from the nightmares of mortals, drawing upon their darkest fears to create a domain where he reigns supreme. Within Thule Dream, the boundaries between dreams and reality blur, and the denizens of Norrath find themselves at the mercy of their deepest anxieties.

The creatures that inhabit Thule Dream are as varied as the fears of those who tread its twisted pathways. From grotesque monsters born of nightmares to malevolent spirits that haunt the shadows, Thule Dream is home to some of the most dangerous and terrifying beings in all of Norrath. Here, the laws of nature bend to the will of Cazic Thule, and chaos reigns supreme.

At the heart of Thule Dream, amidst the swirling mists of fear and despair, lies the throne of Cazic Thule himself. It is here that the dark deity plots and schemes, weaving the nightmares of mortals into his grand tapestry of terror. Those who dare to challenge Cazic Thule must first navigate the treacherous depths of Thule Dream, facing their innermost fears along the way.

Now, as the veil between worlds grows thin and the shadows lengthen, the gates to Thule Dream creak open once more. The air is thick with dread, and whispers of ancient evils echo through the land. Adventurers brave enough to venture into the depths of Thule Dream will face trials unlike any they have encountered before, for in the realm of fear itself, only the strongest will survive.

And so, the stage is set for an epic battle of courage and determination, as heroes from across Norrath unite to confront the darkness that lurks within the Thule Dream. But beware, for in the realm of fear, even the bravest souls may find themselves succumbing to the darkness that lies within.

Zone information:

• Fear Itself will have a level 79 level requirement.
• The mobs in the zone are tuned similarly to the present Kael difficulty.
• New mechanics we've not seen on EZServer before.
• Various quests for powerful items, some which are class specific.
• A new currency, and a vendor where you can spend it.
• Some nostalgic bosses may appear if you're lucky.
• ....and much more.

I've made a short teaser on YouTube that you can watch while waiting for the event to start if you don't mind SPOILERS. Click on the picture below to watch the teaser.

Zone Files:

Remember to download the new zone files for Thule Dream. You NEED to update spells_us.txt, dbstr_us.txt, thuledream_chr.txt and thuledream_EnvironmentEmitters.txt to play in the zone.
Event information:

Draca and I wanted to give this zone a test run for you all, and we figured that doing it on the day after the Norwegian Constitution Day was perfect Smiley The event will run for a day or two, so we can collect some data on how you're all doing in there and make adjustments if necessary. Some values may be set higher than intended on purpose for this first run, just so you know not to expect everything to be set as final in this first round.

Assuming that things go smooth with some transfers and setups, we'll start the event on coming Saturday around 12pm GMT +2, but delays may occur.

Hope you all enjoy!

For Akkadius & Draca,

EZ Admin Team
written by Draca | 4208 Views | 4 Replies
Changes...and not.

First, some changes I didn't make.

I had previously announced changes to Guardian Charm that would have made it pretty useless after level 75, I have shelved those changes. It's difficult to pull the trigger on changes as drastic as that, there's a whole back and forth (in my head) about whether, given the amount of time it's been as-is, it's the right thing to do to change it. Not to say it may not happen in the future, but for now it remains as is.

 T10 - Sunderock

 We have made some changes to Tier 10, that will reduce the amount of time required to complete it.

 These include:

• Lowered plagueborn kill count (from 1000 to 750)
• Increased faction gained per kill quest completion (previous base 75, new base 125)
• Lowered T10 Expedition cooldown (from 48 to 36 hours)
• Faction weapon quest count reduced (from 100 to 60)
• Boss soul drops increased slightly
• Sarnak boss spawn chance increased

T11 - Kael Drakkel

Tier 11 is also going to see some changes related to it's current difficulty. Both trash and bosses will have a hit point and damage reduction to bring it down to a more playable difficulty for the average player.

 I have started and stopped on several long winded explanations about Kael's difficulty, but ultimately it is just incredibly difficult to tune content without going too far one way or the other, so we've resisted any major changes to Kael until we had enough data logging to make an informed decision. It's still a bit of a guessing game, but it's time to take our best guess. Expect these changes shortly.
written by Draca | 6832 Views | 20 Replies
This morning there are a few changes coming over.

Further reduction in the hitpoints of mobs in Kael Drakkel (T11)

While some people like the level of difficulty in T11, and appreciate the challenge it presents, it is not in line with the typical difficulty for a progression Tier. Many players cannot dedicate the amount of time that is required to work through T11 with any efficiency, and are not seeing many rewards because of it. We've also adjusted the scaling to better align with raid sizes. There have been no other changes, as the loot drops and damage output from the NPC's seem acceptable, and manageable.

Kael boss drops

People have noted that bosses don't always drop anything useful, or much of anything at all, and this is what comes from the balance of either adjusting spawn chances where you may not see a boss in an evening of gameplay but would definitely get loot, or you get some bosses, but take what RNG gives you, loot wise. Our choice was, as you can tell, to have bosses spawn more frequently, but with a chance to karate kick you right in the balls with some less than stellar loot. Nothing changed here, just wanted to address that.

VP Loot

Several things to point out with Veeshan loot:

• As noted in the changelog in-game, EZ Credits were removed from VP.
• More dramatically, following this morning's update there will be a considerable reduction in the sheer amount of loot drops in VP. Loot in VP, in particular the amount of zone essences and other previously valuable items, has been a great disappointment for me. My experience was lacking during VP's development, and because I intended for the zone to be considerably more difficult than it is now, I never intended for people to mow through it as fast as they can. This is obviously shortsighted, as clearly people would grow more powerful over time and with new content, but the mistake was made. I have resisted changing it, because it feels unfair to short people who never got the chance to be in the zone in it's current loot pinata form, but unfortunately the change needs to be made.
• Tunare will drop a GoW on every kill. (Map has been removed).

Guardian Charm

Guardian Charm is an overpowered item, changes will be coming in the next few weeks to dull it's effectiveness level 75+
written by Sarthin | 6671 Views | 6 Replies
Welcome to...
T11 - Kael Drakkel

The War of the Giants in Kael Drakkel
Product of Norway (and Canada).


For decades, the frigid citadel of Kael Drakkel stood as a testament to the might and ferocity of the Kromzek and Kromrif giants. Under the rule of the formidable King Tormax, the Kromzek worshiped the god of war, Rallos Zek, and their citadel echoed with the sounds of battle drills and the fervent prayers to their patron deity.

We all know the story about how the giants and other creations of Rallos Zek were cursed by The Rathe for making war upon the gods themselves. That curse did not seem to apply to these giants, though how they managed to escape divine wrath is still a mystery.

At the outset, the Kromrif clan reveled in the splendors of Velious. However, as time unfolded, discontent seeped into their once contented hearts, disenchanted with the Kaelian way of life and the rule of the Kromzek King, Tormax. Fjordavind, a formidable giant among the Kromrif, emerged as a charismatic leader. He united his kin and embarked on a journey to the northern realms of Antonica, seeking refuge in the unforgiving and icy expanse of Valdeholm.

Years passed, and in the harsh land of Valdeholm, the Kromrif giants observed their brethren in Kael Drakkel. What began as a tempting journey long ago, ended up with a mix of envy and resentment. In Valdeholm, they believed that the Kromzek had grown complacent in their alliance with the deity. The Kromrif desired a stronger connection to Rallos Zek, one that would elevate their clan above the Kromzek and secure a more prominent place in the god's favor, but the decision to split from their once friendly clan had done them more bad than good.

Driven by the ambition to strengthen their own position, the Kromrif chieftains devised a daring plan. In the dead of winter, under the cover of a blizzard, the Kromrif launched a surprise assault on Kael Drakkel. The element of surprise was their greatest ally, catching the Kromzek off guard and plunging Kael Drakkel into a bitter war of giants.

The battles raged through the icy corridors and towering spires of Kael Drakkel, echoing with the clash of massive weapons and the roars of giants. King Tormax, though a seasoned warrior, found himself facing an unprecedented challenge as the Kromrif forces, fueled by their fervent desire to prove themselves to Rallos Zek, fought with unmatched determination.

In the midst of this chaos, a new and ominous presence emerged in the form of Velketor the Sorcerer. King Tormax, recognizing the threat posed by the Kromrif assault, summoned Velketor from his lab to aid the Kromzek in their time of need. Velketor, a master of dark sorcery, lent his formidable powers to the Kromzek cause.

However, the Kromrif clan had become an even more formidable force, their resilience forged in the harsh conditions and unforgiving upbringing of Valdeholm. The relentless trials they endured in their new icy homeland had honed their strength, endurance, and combat prowess to unparalleled levels. As the Kromzek giants, now accustomed to the relatively sedate lifestyle within the towering walls of Kael Drakkel, King Tormax realized that additional measures were necessary to fortify their citadel against impending doom.

In a daring move born of desperation, King Tormax sought an audience with Kerafyrm, The Sleeper, a legendary and ancient dragon of immense power. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Tormax proposed a pact with The Sleeper to secure the aid of his powerful minions, the formidable Storm Golems. These ethereal constructs, crafted by the draconic mastermind, were summoned to Kael Drakkel to help fight off the invasion.

The Kromrif, however, were not without their own formidable leader. Fjordavind the Fearless, chief of the Kromrif clan, led his warriors with unmatched courage and tactical brilliance. Fjordavind's presence on the battlefield brought a renewed sense of determination to the Kromrif forces, as they sought not only to claim Kael Drakkel but to prove their worthiness to Rallos Zek.

The centerpiece of the conflict remained the grand chamber housing the Statue of Rallos Zek, the sacred symbol of the god's favor. Both factions saw control of the statue as the key to securing Rallos Zek's blessing. The Kromzek fought to maintain their long-held dominion, while the Kromrif sought to seize it and reshape the destiny of their clan.

As the war rages on, the fate of Kael Drakkel hangs in the balance. The bitter rivalry between the Kromzek and Kromrif giants has turned the once-unified citadel into a battlefield, where the outcome will determine not only the rulership of Kael Drakkel but also the favor of the god of war himself. The icy winds of Velious carry the echoes of the giants' clashes, and the gods watch with interest as their followers vie for supremacy amidst the frozen peaks.

In the concealed depths of the icy pools within Kael Drakkel, Sirens, mystical denizens of the ocean depths, have long remained veiled in mystery. Unseen by the giants engaged in their relentless battles, these enchanting beings have observed the ebb and flow of elemental energies resonating from the heart of the citadel.

Amidst this strife, word spreads across Norrath of an opportunity for adventurers. Motivated by a desire to bring about a more peaceful Norrath, these intrepid souls seize the chance presented by the raging war. As the giants lock horns in a bitter struggle for supremacy, the adventurers see an opening to exploit the chaos, strategically weakening both clans to reduce their power and influence. The Dwarven race eagerly contributed to the intensification of the war, providing assistance to adventurers from across Norrath. Their deep-seated animosity towards the Giants was unmistakably evident, motivating them to actively aid the adventurers in their endeavors.

Navigating the icy halls with a singular goal — not to quell the conflict, but to turn it to their advantage — the adventurers strike at opportune moments. They target key figures, crucial positions, and exploit the discord among the warring factions. In the shadow of giants, both Kromzek and Kromrif, the adventurers aim to reshape the destiny of Kael Drakkel and bring an end to the giants' powerful reign in Norrath.

T 11:

The time has finally come to welcome you to Tier 11, Kael Drakkel. I dare say me and Draca are about as excited as you all are to see this finally happening. While the players of EZServer have seen some additional content being added in the last years, it's certainly been a minute since we last saw a complete progression tier. As we have mentioned previously, T11 was for a time supposed to be Dragonscale Hills, but now you can all look forward to yet another progression tier later this year.

As all new tiers on EZServer have had a habit of being, Kael Drakkel will also be challenging for many. Especially when you're first breaking into the zone. It also depends on the manner of which you enter the new tier, gear wise. There are a good variety of upgrades to be found in the zone, so eventually we're sure you'll handle things more smoothly than to start with.

That being said, we will pay close attention to the first weeks of the release of Kael. Please do not get disheartened if you die, or possibly die quite a bit more than you are used to. We're always around and listen to constructive feedback, but we also take into account that it will be some time before things are settled, at which point we will have a clearer picture of how our balancing has hit. In other words, you can expect that there may be some minor adjustments in one or the other direction within the first few weeks. If it's needed or not remains to be seen, but one thing is clear. The zone is meant to be focused on handling a few mobs at a time at best, not many, like we've been accustumed to in recent years.

I've been on EZServer since 2009 and I've seen the server grow into a more and more including place over the years. I have faith in this trend to continue. If someone has issues in this new tier and is asking for help, I'm sure there are plenty of people that can share their points on how to overcome various challenges both in game and on the forums/Discord.

When it comes to balancing the difficulty of the new tier, we have had to take into account the huge stat gain people have gotten from Sleepers and Veeshan's Peak. If we did not ...... Read More
written by Draca | 5056 Views | 0 Replies
In anticipation of the launch of T11.

Double Loot
Double Exp
Halloween Event

Now thru 2/18
written by Draca | 6501 Views | 6 Replies
It is with great anticipation, and excitement, that we announce the release date for Tier 11 - Kael Drakkel..

Sunday, February 18th. 5am PST (UTC -8:00)

This will be preceded by a short double loot/double exp weekend from 2/16 until Kael Drakkel's launch.

Official launch post to come.

For Sarthin & Akkadius,
EZ Admin Team
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Quick Updates
Wanted to post a quick update about some recent changes that have made their way to EZ, as well as a T11 Update, and some persistent bugs.

T11 Update

 Sarthin and I continue to work feverishly on T11 - Kael Drakkel, and can almost see the finish line. As previously posted, we need as many T10+ players as possible to jump into (Live server) Dragon Necropolis, and do their best against the NPC's there, so we can try to hit a reasonable tuning spot prior to release. While it's completely possible that we could shoot low or high on tuning, with more feedback, we have a better chance of getting it right. It will likely release overtuned, and be scaled back as needed, but we don't want it so difficult that people are deterred. Which leads me into: don't overreact to anything in T11 within the first couple weeks of release. There is no way to account for everything, and there is no way for everything to be so fully tested that changes or fixes need to be made. T11 is a fully fleshed out Tier. There a number of quests and items above and beyond just the progression aspect, and I think it will be an exciting addition to EZ's progression. Sarthin has dedicated hundreds of hours to this development, poring over every detail, and refining everything to be as smooth as possible. I think you'll like it (I mean, you're gonna die...a lot....but you know, enjoyably.)


There have been a few bugs reported lately, primarily an issue with pet procs not doing any damage, and an issue with Auras not working. Both of these issues seem to be at a server code level, but an immediate solution is not likely. I am not going to work on a big work around for either of these issues at this time, as hopefully the EQ Emulator devs can fix the issues in server code.

Recent Changes

Quick comments on some recent changelog activity:

• Monk/Berserker Epic Augment (10) was revamped - these only effect the 10th level Epic Augment, as balancing DPS through lower tiers simply isn't worth the time right now. Both changes resulted in DPS increases, specifically Monk's Tiger Claw combat ability sees a significant increase in damage, so make sure that's worked into your combat spam key. Obviously some other classes need some tuning as well, but we don't want to do it in a hasty fashion, so they will happen when time permits.

• Idol of the Jailed had it's Twincast effect removed, and nuke damage increased to compensate. This is related to giving us headroom on spell effects that we need to have available for upgrades going forward. Twincast is powerful, but between a few overtuned item effects, it was already becoming too inflated.

• Curious Creation I/II/III - This change was a spell effect switch, as the previous version would not properly stack with other spell effects in use, and resulted in little to no benefit. This should be better now.

• Stonewall Reduction - Stonewall (melee damage mitigation) is an incredibly powerful spell effect, and simply cannot be tuned for if it's allowed to be used to it's fullest effect. As most know, Warriors max out at 79% stonewall, but with varying buffs and abilities, could previously get to 99% stonewall rating (mitigating 99% of incoming melee damage - basically unkillable), before it was previously reduced to a maximum of 85%. This is also too high to tune for. Players have found that by chain casting Tower of Vie spells, and varying which ranks you cast, you could maintain 85% pretty easily over the course of a difficult fight, or pull. While the difference between 79% and 85% doesn't seem that big, in reality it is a huge advantage, and again, impossible to tune for. As such, stonewall's maximum effective percentage has been reduced again to 81%. We aren't just trying to make everything more difficult, but our longer term plans require that players can't trivialize encounters through this mechanic.

There have been a few other things here and there, but nothing of major consequence.

Admin Team

Sarthin and I have been working on T11 together, and as I expected when I asked him to join me as a developer, we're working very well together. I have some experience he can lean on when he needs it, but he also has the freedom to work out issues on his own when he feels like he can. Our thoughts and ideas are very similar, and we both have a passion for EZ, and developing quality content for all of you. T11 is just a start, and while Sarthin has certainly been burning the candle at both ends trying to get T11 out, we will both find our natural pace, and continue with future content together. My focus will shift back to Dragonscale Hills (T12) once we get T11 out the door, while Sarthin will begin the outlining and brainstorming process for a new 'Halloween' zone.  Everything comes in due time, but it's an exciting time for EZ. Akkadius' support of our work is unwavering, and we'll continue to make sure we earn that.

For Sarthin & Akkadius,

                   EZ Admin Team

written by Draca | 8003 Views | 14 Replies
We need some testing done for NPC difficulty for T11. We have set up scripting in Dragon Necropolis (necropolis) that allows players to spawn groups of NPC's with varied difficulty (HP's/Damage), and need people who've completed at least T10 to give some feedback.

Each spawn will consist of 4 NPC's, which can be pulled individually as needed. We need to know for the different levels, how many you could handle at once, how long (on average) it took to kill them, how many characters you had in the fight, and any other input you'd like to add. To access the available commands, /say T11 Test   while in Dragon Necropolis. NPC's spawn right near zone in.

This is critical to the rollout of T11, so the more the merrier (make instances).


written by Raygan | 6103 Views | 5 Replies
Anyone in the mood for RZ event?  I know I want to see him pay his due for bringing war to Norrath!!!!! I am working with Draca to do an event tomorrow (Saturday). Please post if you are interested.  Grin
written by Sarthin | 6583 Views | 7 Replies

Tier 11 Update

I wanted to give you all an update on our progress with T11. The plan was originally to release Dragonscale Hills as our next tier, and for my first EZ project to be T12, Kael Drakkel. However, as Draca has informed you, he's been dealt some busy real life cards, while I on the other hand have way too much vacation. We quickly found out that Kael was making good progress and we decided to go with that zone for our T11. Dragonscale Hills is also a larger project than Kael Drakkel, so all in all it also requires a lot more work to complete.

That's not to say KD is a small project. I've been working on it just about every day for about 5 weeks now and it's really taking shape. It will have the usual stuff that one would expect from a complete tier on EZ along with some surprises.

At this point much of the tier is complete. We still need to do some minor polishing on various things as well as properly balance and test the zone. I will do this myself once it's ready. We will not be opening the test server for Kael Drakkel. However, the initial release of the tier to the live server will effectively serve as a second-phase test. Players should anticipate changes if we find them necessary in relation to our original intentions for the zone.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle is to add spells to the tier, both as free standing spells for classes and as click effects on various items and armor. We've saved those on purpose for last, as the spells needs some adjusting globally to mend some inconsistencies and make sure it's more sustainable and predictable for players and for us developers. Not just for this tier, but for future tiers as well.

There are so many different items with a lot of modifiers on them. Some were made for a different time on EZ and some were added more recently, yet still have effects that cause players to be confused as to what is best. While many spells have been tuned to stack and work already, there is still some work cut out for us here. With no item/spell in mind, as an example, we don't necessarily want a level 73 item to be the "go to" item to boost the DPS for a level 79 player, rendering newer and intentionally better items, worse. By having a clear vision on which items do what, and avoid using all sorts of modifiers to spell, melee and healing crit across the board, we will have more control of the flow of the classes powers. These adjustments will also be a work in progress post T11 release, so don't expect everything to be fixed before launch.

This means some effects will change, maybe some will be removed or replaced by a more logical effect for the item. I do not have a list of items currently, but I will update you once we start working on it. We're definitely not doing any nerfs that will put your characters long term state in a worse place than it is now. Kael should also bring on many things that will improve your DPS as well as future tiers will do as well. No changes are set in stone either. We may do adjustments that pending live testing proves to be wrong. We always listen to constructive feedback and hope you all will be part of the process, providing us with feedback if needed.

Once this issue has been worked on, and it's hard to predict just how long it will take, we will be close to opening T11.

Take this with a grain of salt, but we're hoping to get Kael released by end of January, but expect it to take longer, maybe sometime in February. Things have a tendency to appear at last minute, creating issues that might take time to solve. We are pretty close though, relatively speaking  Wink

written by Draca | 6227 Views | 5 Replies
Code was reactivated this afternoon to combat the rampant use of fan botting instances. This code will cause you to go link dead if you are fanning out multiple single characters across instances. Players are makings dozens and dozens of instances, and in many cases zone pulling all of them simultaneously, which causes extreme, and unnecessary load on the server. This was partially the cause of the server shutdown this afternoon. During a routine update of the test server, the load generated by the code compilation, coupled with multiple, simultaneous zone pulls caused a memory usage spike that was enough to shut down both servers. This type of fan botting is not allowed, as the majority of these consist of one click zone pulls that automatically begin looting following the successful zone pull. Continued abuse may result in some extreme measures to combat it, up to, and including large cast time increase on Scorpion Spears, or we will rescind the allowance of automatic loot macros and plugins, with zero tolerance for their use.

Our server hardware is quite robust, it is in line with PEQ's hardware, yet has much, much higher resource usage, despite a much smaller population (1/3rd at best), but there's only so much hardware can do against what amounts to an internal DDOS attack on server resources.

General Guidelines:
 • Minimum of 6 man groups in each zone being zone pulled.
 • Stagger zone pulls amongst your boxes by at least 30 seconds.

*EDIT* To clarify, this code is not specific to people zone pulling, or creating multiple instances. It will also disconnect zones with 1 or 2 characters in the zone.

written by Sarthin | 5917 Views | 4 Replies


Triple loot and Halloween event is now running.

Remember the new command to increase aggro range in Hills of Shade is '/say increase aggro range'.

Currently you won't receive AA points if you are in a raid. We're working on resolving this issue, but got no ETA yet.

For Akkadius & Draca,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   Running
Triple Loot  -  Running
Credits  - Closed at the moment.
Rallos Zek event  - Closed at the moment. (Level 79 only)

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

written by Draca | 5155 Views | 13 Replies
New Blood!

Akkadius and I would like to welcome Sarthin as the newest full time member of the EZ Server Admin Team!

Past Contributions:

Sarthin has been extremely helpful to me during my developments as both a very effective and thorough tester, and a very well thought out sounding board for various ideas that pass through my head (and should stay there). His input and constructive criticism has been incredibly useful to me, and his knowledge of the game, and love of EZ Server is apparent. He has never asked me for anything that would have put me in a bad spot, and has always done as much as he can to help the server as whole, and individual players where he can. He also has never shied away from having difficult discussions with me, but is willing to accept that where I may not always be right, he won't always be right either. This give and take collaboration between us makes me believe that we can do excellent things together.

Sarthin outlined and developed the Misty Thicket CG/FG alternate zone, which while limited in scope and availability, was executed very well, and very quickly. His attention to detail, and his desire to create quality content was apparent from the first time he began working on it.

First Steps:

Sarthin still needs to be made a GM on EZ, as well as get the access he requires to develop content, check logs etc., but when he does, he will be able to help with the same issues I can. His addition to the Admin Team can only result in good things for EZ, and increase the availability of GM help when needed, as well as double the output of content and fixes. Sarthin, as I am, will be monitored for the changes and additions he makes, both of us are held responsible by Akkadius to make sure that what we do is always true to what EZ Server has always been about, as Akkadius holds himself to keeping EZ as it's been since he began his stewarship of it. While Sarthin will have many of the same abilities to develop and perform GM duties as I do, I am ultimately the one who is responsible for what happens with EZ Server, so will still be the final word (Akkadius notwithstanding). This isn't a matter of pride or ego, but there has to be someone who makes a decision when it needs to be made, and that will remain with me.

What about me?

As I noted in my previous post, I remain as excited and passionate about developing EZ Server as I ever have. Time is my enemy at this point as it relates to developing, but that will change.

Tier 12?

Sarthin will be working on a few things, spells and spell interactions for one, but his first major development will be Tier 12 -- Kael Drakkel and the War of the Giants. His initial ideas look exciting, and Kael Drakkel has been a zone longed after by players to re-visit with EZ style content. As his development begins, KD will need to be locked out, so go check out KD one last time in the next 3-4 weeks, before it's locked until T12's launch.

Final Thoughts:

I am really excited about what's ahead, this addition only strengthens EZ Server, and adds someone with a passion for the game, but a bigger passion for EZ. Please welcome him to the team.

For Akkadius & Sarthin,

     Your EZ Admin Team

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 Hello all, wanted to post a quick update regarding T11, as it's been some time since I put up a proper post about it. First thing, I continue to work to finish T11 as quickly as possible, however I have had a few personal issues that have run me down a bit. While there's obviously no requirement that I detail my issues, I am going to anyway.

For those who don't know, I own a Harley-Davidson dealership in California. While owning a business is rewarding, it can also have times where the work extends beyond business hours, and sometimes into a 7 day a week job. This has been the case off and on the past 6 months, as staffing challenges mean that work I can't do during the day, I have to finish at night. This is actually a relatively small aspect of my personal issues, the main one being that I have been spending about 3 weekends a month riding to LA (200 miles) to visit and help my parents who are staying in a motorhome to be closer to the UCLA Medical Center. My mom has been fighting progressively worsening COPD, but is on track to be accepted for a lung transplant, but to this point the number of tests and appointments she has had, has been pretty intense, and requires either my sisters or myself to go help her get to them. My Dad has been plagued over the past couple years by increasingly debilitating headaches, which despite Stanford and UCLA consultations, they don't have a diagnosis for, much less any treatment beyond laying down in a dark room. As his headaches have worsened, he seems to be developing dementia-type symptoms, which may be from the utter lack of sleep he gets due to his discomfort. Ultimately, they just require more attention than they would really prefer, but it also takes me away from my ability to put my full efforts into T11 as consistently as I'd like. While I do take a laptop with me, and can work on that, I am used to a 3 monitor setup where I can have everything I need up all at the same time, so tabbing through really slows me down to nearly worthless.

I am not saying this for sympathy, although I appreciate that people who don't really know me would genuinely care about my problems. I just want everyone to understand I am by no means burning out, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just a little run down as of late.  I know that people will thank me for my work for EZ, and that it's a volunteer position on a free server, but just being around isn't the standard that I hold myself to. I want to produce quality content, fun content and most importantly content that is in keeping with EZ's legacy. EZ's community, while smaller than some, is the greatest game community I've been a part of, and it's one I'm proud to be a small part of carrying on. Akkadius has put a lot of faith in me, as have all of you, to deliver content that you can enjoy playing through, and take you away from your real problems if even for a bit. I am proud to be a part of the EZ Admin Team, and to carry on what has been passed down from Hunter and Basher, through Hateborne and Rent, and absolutely enjoy sharing what I do with all of you.

T11 is coming, I'm sorry it's not out already.

Some additional news coming soon regarding future developments.

-Draca <GM>
   EZ Server Admin Team
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Halloween events are running now through 11/2. Enjoy!

Housegarden halloween zone is available once again, and remember the new command to increase aggro range in Hills of Shade is '/say increase aggro range'

For Akkadius & Rent,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   Closed 11/3
Loot  -  Closed 11/3
Credits  - Closed
Rallos Zek event  - Happening Sunday 10/29. (Level 79 only)

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

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Welcome to...
Misty Thicket!

Fighters and Casters Guild Quest v. 2.0
Product of Norway.


Misty Thicket was once a place of harmony, where halflings and animals lived in relative peace. One day this mighty forest was overrun by Zargaroth the Enthraller, an evil shaman that sought to subdue other powerful beings of Norrath into doing his bidding. Zargaroth once walked the path of balance, then his lust for power led him astray. He sought dominion over the very forces he once revered.

Zargorath's tendrils reached far and wide, his whispers ensnaring even the mightiest of creatures. The legendary figures of ancient Kunark became ensnared and corrupted by his malevolence. Orcs, a simple-minded race, succumbed to his deceitful promises. The allure of strength and authority proved irresistible, and chaos tainted these sacred woods.

Zargorath has shrouded his most formidable minions beneath the guise of both orcs and animals within the depths of Misty Thicket. Those embarking on the mission to complete the Casters- or Fighters Guild quest might encounter these once proud, now unwilling servants ensnared under Zargorath's rule.

Garanel Rucksif is still trying to convince you that he never did such a thing as killing his family back in Kaladim. The fate that resides with him now is far worse than when Quellious made him a ghost and exiled him to the Unrest Estate.


Meet the Underfoots
Daisy and Finnegan presents you with tasks to undertake, each brimming with potential opportunities. Could there be financial gains, or perhaps something even greater? It's an enigma you must unravel on your own.

Zargorath's most loyal apprentice holds a strong aversion to interruptions while diligently carrying out his master's commands. Should you thoroughly explore Misty, it's quite likely that you might discover a way to disrupt his focus, just be prepared if you do.


This zone is intended for new players, and is not an alternative to farming the original NPC's if you are of higher level. There have been a number of complaints over the course of my run as GM about the roadblock that is the 'Guild' quests. Not that they are hard, or the grind too much, but its simply boring. Yes, there is some nostalgia to making the run to Lower Guk and killing the Ghoul Lord, or Froglok King, but having to kill them ad nauseum to equip a group for the Caster or Fighter's Guild quests isn't exactly exciting. Following a conversation about this in Discord, Sarthin made this comment:

To which I asked the following question, and resulting conversation:

In short order, Sarthin had a zone selected, and a good gameplan on what he wanted to do, and he got after it. Using his own server, he was able to learn and execute all of the NPC spawning, boss and quest scripting, a few items created, and generally pulled it out in an amazingly short period of time.

Important Clarifications:

• This is strictly a level appropriate zone, (ie. level 70) if you want to check it out, make some alts.
• This is not a powerlevel through the Guild quests zone. Buffs are stripped on zone in, so you buff what you can buff.
• There are a few fun reward items (with charges) to give new players some idea of what's available.
• No doubles/triples/zone pulls (you can make a double or triple zone, but won't get double or triple loot).
• It should take about as long as a normal farm for CG/FG items, on a per character basis. However, bosses spawn here based on the quest needs of anyone in the zone, so while it may take 2 hours under ideal conditions to farm a normal CG 'kit', if you have a full group, expect it to take 12 hours to complete all 6 in here. It's not intended to be an easier solution, but it allows you to play the game in a fun way, while possibly earning some plat and fun rewards.

• As noted in the Discord chat picture, this isn't an admin position for Sarthin. All decisions made to this point have been cleared through, or made by me, and from this point on any changes will strictly come from my observations.

For Akkadius & Rent,

With great thanks to Sarthin for all his work on this,

EZ Admin Team
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Dragonscale is Open.

Fixing a few issues that popped up during testing today, will resume tomorrow sometime.

Thank you to Sarthin, Denzig, Orkiho and Raygan for coming over today and poking around. There's enough missing right now that it doesn't really have a risk vs. reward feeling just yet, but finding what's broken, and some tuning information is super helpful.

Just a few things. Obviously the zone is incomplete, so you'll have to excuse the empty chunks of land, but what's needed for testing now should all be there. If possible, keeping track of how long the quests are taking to complete is important, as well as reporting any bugs or issues in OOC there. There is a new zone _chr file in the server files download for Dragonscale. I will be in and out of game, and there may be the odd random repop as fixes/changes get pushed up, but I'll try to announce first, and keep those to a minimum.

T11 is progressing along, but there is need for some testing of the first 15-20 entry quests. While the quests themselves should work, there is need to test NPC tuning, faction gain tuning, along with general gameplay in the zone. There is still portions of the zone that will be unpopulated or underpopulated, and spells have yet to be added to NPC’s, and won’t be by the 9th. Everyone is welcome, however this is early testing, so if you A) don’t like spoilers, or B) are prone to overreacting to difficult content, then it’s not for you. I need information like well thought out reviews, time to finish quests, time for faction gains, times to kill XYZ mobs with X sized raid. It is not at all a completed zone, and while it’s a framework for the entry quests, it’s all subject to changes and tuning. It’s possible it’s too easy in it’s current state, or it’s possible it’s too hard, but if you have the dedication to push through the difficulty, than I need you. Character data is right at 2 weeks old on Test, so most should be close to their current state.

Also of import to this testing, the Draca Sigil of Stability will not remain in it’s current state. I have been quite open about mistakes I’ve made being new to development, and that is one of them. It’s an unnecessary cause of friction, and rightfully so, as it’s a powerful item. It will be changed to simply a cosmetic token of my thanks, but lose it’s stats and buff click. Test and Production servers are currently on different server versions, however once testing is completed for T11, I will be able to update them to the same version and the change will be brought over to Prod. Changing this item in no way lessens my appreciation to those who are willing to spend their time grinding on content for no real gain, but it’s super important to bringing an exciting and balanced Tier to EZ.
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Happy 4th of July to everyone on EZ! We'll be running the Halloween events through July 4th. Enjoy.

Housegarden halloween zone is available once again, and remember the new command to increase aggro range in Hills of Shade is '/say increase aggro range'

For Akkadius & Rent,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   RUNNING!
Loot  -  DOUBLED!

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

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After a brief pros & cons discussion, the EZ Admin Team has decided to make the EZ Server Discord available to players. This is not a feature rich server, save one pretty nice one, it allows access to read and respond to OOC chat through Discord. This is an invitation only server, so you must contact me on my Discord tag - Dracaena (they got rid of the #numbers thing) for an invite.

This access to the in-game OOC through Discord is a privilege, and your actions using it will reflect on your accounts in-game (ie. if you're a total asshat, you might get suspended in game). It's also meant to increase access of people playing to more of the members of the community, so if you just want to chit chat, do it in the general channel. If it becomes an issue where a bunch of time moderating it is required, it will simply go away.
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Brief T11 Update:

While it hasn't been brought up much lately, T11 progress continues to be made. While I'm sure things like the Rallos Zek event, or the Tunare expedition would seem to have taken away from time with T11, there were mechanics involved in both fights that allowed me to learn about more of what I like and don't like as ideas in a Tier zone.  For those who are not aware, T11 will take place in Dragonscale Hills. After consulting my realtor, this zone seemed to be the perfect blend of open and confined spaces, with some great spaces for boss fights and such.

Tier 11 centers around 2 primary races, one of whom has enslaved the other, you will be fighting to free them.

Following a progression path through the zone, you will first have to earn the enslaved race's trust, then begin a long progression including factioning, quests, and epic boss fights. Quests will include the standard collection and kill count varieties, along with boss kills, compounding daily quests, and some slightly more imaginative ideas to make use of underused classes. This roadmap lays out the general progression of T11 (with some modifications possible).

Tier 11 will be difficult, as all new tiers should be, but not extremely so. What it won't allow for, is large scale camp level pulls, not on day 1, or day 1000. There will be no fast shortcuts through Tier 11. Boss fights will run the range from tank 'n spank, to involved scripted encounters, including 3 difficulty levels of a Coldain Ring War style event, with most falling somewhere in the middle of those two.

Release Date:

I know everyone wants to know when it will launch, I realize that T10 is very long in the tooth, and many people are finishing up ST and even VP now, but I won't give a date at this time. T11 will be done, it will be done this year, but it will also be done right. People have been awfully generous about their enjoyment of VP, which I greatly appreciate, but developing an EZ Server tier is a step above designing VP in terms of importance, and I won't rush through it. More updates to come, as they present themselves.

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I have identified the cause of the mitigation issue as the spell effect assigned to the Earring of the Mystic Ages buff. This has been changed to an alternative effect and pushed to the Live server, which may not be as effective, or have stacking issues. These will be looked into as soon as possible, to bring the EoMA back to it's previous effectiveness.

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Veeshan's Peak is being locked temporarily, while I sort out an issue that is causing certain classes and pets to take almost no damage. I don't have an estimate on downtime until I can dig further into this issue.

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Halloween Event thru the weekend
Double Loot
Double Exp

No credits as of now, check back here, I will update if they become available.

          ↑↑↑↑ -Draca

          ↓↓↓↓ -Pubis

Oh plants, how great you are!
You bring life to the world near and far
From the tallest tree to the tiniest weed
Your beauty and usefulness we all need

Your leaves and flowers give us air to breathe
And your roots anchor the earth beneath
You provide food, medicine, and shelter
Your importance to us cannot be helter-skelter

Your variety is amazing to behold
From cacti to ferns, your stories are told
You thrive in deserts, forests, and seas
And you help keep our planet at ease

But how does this relate to Everquest, you ask?
Well, my dear friend, it’s a fascinating task
For in this game, plants play a vital role
In ways that may surprise and console

You see, in Everquest, you can be a druid
A master of nature, whose skills are astute
You can heal, protect, and summon plants
And use them to aid your fellow combatants

But that’s not all, for plants in this game
Can also be used for a different aim
They can be harvested for crafting items
That are sold to players, creating income

Herbalism and alchemy are skills to acquire
To make potions, poisons, and more, that will transpire
In battles, where the right concoction can save the day
And lead your group to victory in a heroic way

So, you see, plants are not just a pretty sight
They have a purpose, both in life and in fight
And in Everquest, they are an essential part
Of a game that has captured many a heart

So let us celebrate plants, in all their glory
And acknowledge their role in our story
For without them, life would not be the same
And Everquest would not be the best-selling game.
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Better post coming sometime.. I lied...there's not...just go kill her. She drops loots.

Tunare is Live. Download new files on the left sidebar as usual. Talk to Hoshkar for access (you really have to stand under him to get him to respond.

While it is of course part of my job to close loopholes and possible exploits, it's hard to account for everything. If you notice something that doesn't seem right, report it to me. There's a fine line between working out mechanics, and exploiting something that's not likely intended.




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