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written by Draca | 275 Views | 6 Replies
Welcome to...
Misty Thicket!

Fighters and Casters Guild Quest v. 2.0
Product of Norway.


Misty Thicket was once a place of harmony, where halflings and animals lived in relative peace. One day this mighty forest was overrun by Zargaroth the Enthraller, an evil shaman that sought to subdue other powerful beings of Norrath into doing his bidding. Zargaroth once walked the path of balance, then his lust for power led him astray. He sought dominion over the very forces he once revered.

Zargorath's tendrils reached far and wide, his whispers ensnaring even the mightiest of creatures. The legendary figures of ancient Kunark became ensnared and corrupted by his malevolence. Orcs, a simple-minded race, succumbed to his deceitful promises. The allure of strength and authority proved irresistible, and chaos tainted these sacred woods.

Zargorath has shrouded his most formidable minions beneath the guise of both orcs and animals within the depths of Misty Thicket. Those embarking on the mission to complete the Casters- or Fighters Guild quest might encounter these once proud, now unwilling servants ensnared under Zargorath's rule.

Garanel Rucksif is still trying to convince you that he never did such a thing as killing his family back in Kaladim. The fate that resides with him now is far worse than when Quellious made him a ghost and exiled him to the Unrest Estate.


Meet the Underfoots
Daisy and Finnegan presents you with tasks to undertake, each brimming with potential opportunities. Could there be financial gains, or perhaps something even greater? It's an enigma you must unravel on your own.

Zargorath's most loyal apprentice holds a strong aversion to interruptions while diligently carrying out his master's commands. Should you thoroughly explore Misty, it's quite likely that you might discover a way to disrupt his focus, just be prepared if you do.


This zone is intended for new players, and is not an alternative to farming the original NPC's if you are of higher level. There have been a number of complaints over the course of my run as GM about the roadblock that is the 'Guild' quests. Not that they are hard, or the grind too much, but its simply boring. Yes, there is some nostalgia to making the run to Lower Guk and killing the Ghoul Lord, or Froglok King, but having to kill them ad nauseum to equip a group for the Caster or Fighter's Guild quests isn't exactly exciting. Following a conversation about this in Discord, Sarthin made this comment:

To which I asked the following question, and resulting conversation:

In short order, Sarthin had a zone selected, and a good gameplan on what he wanted to do, and he got after it. Using his own server, he was able to learn and execute all of the NPC spawning, boss and quest scripting, a few items created, and generally pulled it out in an amazingly short period of time.

Important Clarifications:

• This is strictly a level appropriate zone, (ie. level 70) if you want to check it out, make some alts.
• This is not a powerlevel through the Guild quests zone. Buffs are stripped on zone in, so you buff what you can buff.
• There are a few fun reward items (with charges) to give new players some idea of what's available.
• No doubles/triples/zone pulls (you can make a double or triple zone, but won't get double or triple loot).
• It should take about as long as a normal farm for CG/FG items, on a per character basis. However, bosses spawn here based on the quest needs of anyone in the zone, so while it may take 2 hours under ideal conditions to farm a normal CG 'kit', if you have a full group, expect it to take 12 hours to complete all 6 in here. It's not intended to be an easier solution, but it allows you to play the game in a fun way, while possibly earning some plat and fun rewards.

• As noted in the Discord chat picture, this isn't an admin position for Sarthin. All decisions made to this point have been cleared through, or made by me, and from this point on any changes will strictly come from my observations.

For Akkadius & Rent,

With great thanks to Sarthin for all his work on this,

EZ Admin Team
written by Draca | 604 Views | 6 Replies
Dragonscale is Open.

Fixing a few issues that popped up during testing today, will resume tomorrow sometime.

Thank you to Sarthin, Denzig, Orkiho and Raygan for coming over today and poking around. There's enough missing right now that it doesn't really have a risk vs. reward feeling just yet, but finding what's broken, and some tuning information is super helpful.

Just a few things. Obviously the zone is incomplete, so you'll have to excuse the empty chunks of land, but what's needed for testing now should all be there. If possible, keeping track of how long the quests are taking to complete is important, as well as reporting any bugs or issues in OOC there. There is a new zone _chr file in the server files download for Dragonscale. I will be in and out of game, and there may be the odd random repop as fixes/changes get pushed up, but I'll try to announce first, and keep those to a minimum.

T11 is progressing along, but there is need for some testing of the first 15-20 entry quests. While the quests themselves should work, there is need to test NPC tuning, faction gain tuning, along with general gameplay in the zone. There is still portions of the zone that will be unpopulated or underpopulated, and spells have yet to be added to NPC’s, and won’t be by the 9th. Everyone is welcome, however this is early testing, so if you A) don’t like spoilers, or B) are prone to overreacting to difficult content, then it’s not for you. I need information like well thought out reviews, time to finish quests, time for faction gains, times to kill XYZ mobs with X sized raid. It is not at all a completed zone, and while it’s a framework for the entry quests, it’s all subject to changes and tuning. It’s possible it’s too easy in it’s current state, or it’s possible it’s too hard, but if you have the dedication to push through the difficulty, than I need you. Character data is right at 2 weeks old on Test, so most should be close to their current state.

Also of import to this testing, the Draca Sigil of Stability will not remain in it’s current state. I have been quite open about mistakes I’ve made being new to development, and that is one of them. It’s an unnecessary cause of friction, and rightfully so, as it’s a powerful item. It will be changed to simply a cosmetic token of my thanks, but lose it’s stats and buff click. Test and Production servers are currently on different server versions, however once testing is completed for T11, I will be able to update them to the same version and the change will be brought over to Prod. Changing this item in no way lessens my appreciation to those who are willing to spend their time grinding on content for no real gain, but it’s super important to bringing an exciting and balanced Tier to EZ.
written by Draca | 437 Views | 4 Replies


Happy 4th of July to everyone on EZ! We'll be running the Halloween events through July 4th. Enjoy.

Housegarden halloween zone is available once again, and remember the new command to increase aggro range in Hills of Shade is '/say increase aggro range'

For Akkadius & Rent,
              EZ Admin Team

Halloween Event  -   RUNNING!
Loot  -  DOUBLED!

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

written by Draca | 513 Views | 1 Reply
After a brief pros & cons discussion, the EZ Admin Team has decided to make the EZ Server Discord available to players. This is not a feature rich server, save one pretty nice one, it allows access to read and respond to OOC chat through Discord. This is an invitation only server, so you must contact me on my Discord tag - Dracaena (they got rid of the #numbers thing) for an invite.

This access to the in-game OOC through Discord is a privilege, and your actions using it will reflect on your accounts in-game (ie. if you're a total asshat, you might get suspended in game). It's also meant to increase access of people playing to more of the members of the community, so if you just want to chit chat, do it in the general channel. If it becomes an issue where a bunch of time moderating it is required, it will simply go away.
written by Draca | 986 Views | 9 Replies
Brief T11 Update:

While it hasn't been brought up much lately, T11 progress continues to be made. While I'm sure things like the Rallos Zek event, or the Tunare expedition would seem to have taken away from time with T11, there were mechanics involved in both fights that allowed me to learn about more of what I like and don't like as ideas in a Tier zone.  For those who are not aware, T11 will take place in Dragonscale Hills. After consulting my realtor, this zone seemed to be the perfect blend of open and confined spaces, with some great spaces for boss fights and such.

Tier 11 centers around 2 primary races, one of whom has enslaved the other, you will be fighting to free them.

Following a progression path through the zone, you will first have to earn the enslaved race's trust, then begin a long progression including factioning, quests, and epic boss fights. Quests will include the standard collection and kill count varieties, along with boss kills, compounding daily quests, and some slightly more imaginative ideas to make use of underused classes. This roadmap lays out the general progression of T11 (with some modifications possible).

Tier 11 will be difficult, as all new tiers should be, but not extremely so. What it won't allow for, is large scale camp level pulls, not on day 1, or day 1000. There will be no fast shortcuts through Tier 11. Boss fights will run the range from tank 'n spank, to involved scripted encounters, including 3 difficulty levels of a Coldain Ring War style event, with most falling somewhere in the middle of those two.

Release Date:

I know everyone wants to know when it will launch, I realize that T10 is very long in the tooth, and many people are finishing up ST and even VP now, but I won't give a date at this time. T11 will be done, it will be done this year, but it will also be done right. People have been awfully generous about their enjoyment of VP, which I greatly appreciate, but developing an EZ Server tier is a step above designing VP in terms of importance, and I won't rush through it. More updates to come, as they present themselves.

written by Draca | 1048 Views | 14 Replies
I have identified the cause of the mitigation issue as the spell effect assigned to the Earring of the Mystic Ages buff. This has been changed to an alternative effect and pushed to the Live server, which may not be as effective, or have stacking issues. These will be looked into as soon as possible, to bring the EoMA back to it's previous effectiveness.

written by Draca | 1626 Views | 29 Replies
Veeshan's Peak is being locked temporarily, while I sort out an issue that is causing certain classes and pets to take almost no damage. I don't have an estimate on downtime until I can dig further into this issue.

written by Pubis | 826 Views | 4 Replies
Halloween Event thru the weekend
Double Loot
Double Exp

No credits as of now, check back here, I will update if they become available.

          ↑↑↑↑ -Draca

          ↓↓↓↓ -Pubis

Oh plants, how great you are!
You bring life to the world near and far
From the tallest tree to the tiniest weed
Your beauty and usefulness we all need

Your leaves and flowers give us air to breathe
And your roots anchor the earth beneath
You provide food, medicine, and shelter
Your importance to us cannot be helter-skelter

Your variety is amazing to behold
From cacti to ferns, your stories are told
You thrive in deserts, forests, and seas
And you help keep our planet at ease

But how does this relate to Everquest, you ask?
Well, my dear friend, it’s a fascinating task
For in this game, plants play a vital role
In ways that may surprise and console

You see, in Everquest, you can be a druid
A master of nature, whose skills are astute
You can heal, protect, and summon plants
And use them to aid your fellow combatants

But that’s not all, for plants in this game
Can also be used for a different aim
They can be harvested for crafting items
That are sold to players, creating income

Herbalism and alchemy are skills to acquire
To make potions, poisons, and more, that will transpire
In battles, where the right concoction can save the day
And lead your group to victory in a heroic way

So, you see, plants are not just a pretty sight
They have a purpose, both in life and in fight
And in Everquest, they are an essential part
Of a game that has captured many a heart

So let us celebrate plants, in all their glory
And acknowledge their role in our story
For without them, life would not be the same
And Everquest would not be the best-selling game.
written by Draca | 1788 Views | 19 Replies
Better post coming sometime.. I lied...there's not...just go kill her. She drops loots.

Tunare is Live. Download new files on the left sidebar as usual. Talk to Hoshkar for access (you really have to stand under him to get him to respond.

While it is of course part of my job to close loopholes and possible exploits, it's hard to account for everything. If you notice something that doesn't seem right, report it to me. There's a fine line between working out mechanics, and exploiting something that's not likely intended.


written by Draca | 477 Views | 0 Replies
As you may or may not have noticed, the past few weeks we have had a number of server source code updates, which generally shouldn't have much of an effect on you directly. At the same time, Akkadius and I have been working to correct script errors where the logging system is catching them. These aren't specific to any one zone, we've fixed issues ranging from mobs in Veeshan's Peak, to a random NPC interaction in neriakb. Ultimately, we want to be able to use this error logging system as a reliable indicator of potential issues, so getting these current errors sorted out is a priority.

What this means for you, is that some NPC's may not function as they used too, in some cases this may mean they are harder because it's possible they weren't previously casting spells or spawning adds due to scripting errors, or they could be easier because scaling wasn't being applied accurately. Ultimately, if something seems different it's likely that it's now working as intended, but as always, if it seems like it's too hard or otherwise janky, let me know.

Current Known Issues:

Ultimate Weapon combines not working - Fixed
Last Stop in Sleeper's Tomb not working correctly - Fixed
written by Ginge | 1472 Views | 14 Replies
Looking at doing another event the weekend of the 18/19th... leave names and preferred time/date below and I'll see what I can organise, People who have NEVER done the event before will take precedence over those that have in run order.




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