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Author Topic: Combine HoH tokens macro..  (Read 28090 times)
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« Reply #30 on: August 26, 2020, 08:31:42 pm »

So i know this is more then a year ago messing with this macro but i just came back and figured out why it was not working for me. dont know why but was not working with sars ui loaded swapped back  to default and works fine incase others have issue maybe.

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« Reply #31 on: April 04, 2024, 05:10:46 pm »


Here is a version of code I got to work for me personally:

Sub Main
|This is the slot of the Magic Box I'll be using. Use 10 since I'm using Auto Inventory
/declare MagicBoxSlot string local pack10
|These are the items I'm going to check for, grab 2 of, and combine them in
/declare item1 string local Split Paw Quest Token
/declare item2 string local The Oceanlord Quest Token
/declare item3 string local The Lightbringer Quest Token
/declare item4 string local The Tranquil Quest Token
/declare item5 string local The Faceless Quest Token
/declare item6 string local H-One N-One Quest Token
/declare item7 string local The Prince of Darkness Quest Token
/declare i int local 1

/keypress OPEN_INV_BAGS
|Delay 5 seconds until that condition is met
/delay 5s ${Window[pack8].Open}

|Cycle through all 7 of the items above
/for i 1 to 7
|Check if I have 2 or more of the item
/if (${FindItem[=${item${i}}].Stack} < 2) {
/echo I don't have enough of ${item${i}} I only have ${FindItem[=${item${i}}].Stack}. Going to next one
/if (${Math.Calc[${i}+1]}>=8) {
/echo Done!
/next i
|Pickup the first one

/if (!${Defined[BagNum]}) /declare BagNum int local
/varcalc BagNum ${FindItem[=${item${i}}].ItemSlot}
/varcalc BagNum ${BagNum}-22
/if (!${Defined[BagSlot]}) /declare BagSlot int local
/varcalc BagSlot ${FindItem[=${item${i}}].ItemSlot2}
/varcalc BagSlot ${BagSlot}+1

/ctrlkey /itemnotify in pack${BagNum} ${BagSlot} leftmouseup
/delay 1m ${Cursor.ID} == ${FindItem[=${item${i}}].ID}
/itemnotify in ${MagicBoxSlot} 1 leftmouseup
/delay 1m !${Cursor.ID}
|Pickup the second one
/ctrlkey /itemnotify in pack${BagNum} ${BagSlot} leftmouseup
/delay 1m ${Cursor.ID} == ${FindItem[=${item${i}}].ID}
/itemnotify in ${MagicBoxSlot} 2 leftmouseup
/delay 1m !${Cursor.ID}
|Hit Combine and put it away
/combine ${MagicBoxSlot}
/delay 1m ${Cursor.ID}
/delay 2
/delay 1m !${Cursor.ID}
|If I still have more, go through the process again
/if (${FindItem[${item${i}}].ID}) {
/echo Restarting
/goto :nextset
/next i

/echo Done!

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