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Author Topic: Labor Day Weekend - Server Update - Code Update - Events  (Read 1829 times)
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« on: September 03, 2021, 03:05:08 pm »

Labor day weekend event will be going through Tuesday Noon CST

  • Halloween
  • Double Loot
  • Double Credits (Credits will be disabled again after weekend)

You have unwittingly opened the time rift and allowed me to enter your domain. I should thank you for this, but you are just a simple fool and knew not what your actions would bring. Do you know now what time it is? It is time for me to make an example of you for all this world to witness. Your lifeless corpse will hang from stakes, a reminder of how easily I can sweep your world's inhabitants aside.

"The disciples of Nexus report it has been engulfed in darkness and a spell has been casted upon it.
Meanwhile a strange rift has appeared..."

Drac as New GM

Congratulations to a new member of the EZ Staff; Drac who has been doing a ton to help out EZ over the past few months. He's taken on GM responsibilities and will be helping out with player issues, bug fixes and working towards creating new content. Please give him your warm welcome if you haven't already


  • [Drac] [Tier 10.5 (Sleeper’s Tomb)] Selling price of Epic Bag of Platinum Pieces has been increased to better reflect the difficulty to obtain them.
  • [Drac] [Tier 10] Free Waypoint (Reward Item) now works in Sunderock
  • [Drac] [Tier 9] Completing Tier 9 should require a full armor set, same as every other tier, however it was possible to complete with only 1 armor piece. This has been corrected to require a full armor set as originally intended.
  • [Drac] [Tier 5] Serras, one of the 100 boss kill quest was misspelled as Sarras, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Tier 1] Spell Vellum did not stack as they should have, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Arthicrex] Succor Point was not a safe spot, this has been corrected.
  • [Drac] [Qvic] Ancient Sand Monster now properly displays its name.
  • [Drac] [Wiki] Wiki links have been added to the zone in text for all progression zones. These will open in the in-game browser window, and can also be accessed by typing #zonename  The zone name is the correct short name for the zone, ie.  Abyss would be #illsalin, Plane of Dragons would be #postorms and so on.

Item Changes

  • [Drac] [Angry Nerds Augment] A combine has been added that utilizes the Magic Box, the Leah’s Magic Leaf and any of the Angry Nerds Revenge of Insults I-VI. The resultant augment will be, as with Rent’s strike augment fix, named I.I-VI.I and will be usable along with the original augment in a weapon with 2 slots.
  • [Drac] [Mana Necklace] Mana Necklace has had the Lore tag removed. Having the lore tag was inconsistent with other tradeable crafted items.
  • [Drac] [Hills of Shade] [Red Toned Diamond] A drop in Hills of Shade (Halloween zone), has had it’s icon changed to differentiate it from the Citrine hitpoint augment.
  • [Drac] [Hills of Shade] [AA Crystals] Hills of Shade AA crystals have been renamed to remove commas from the previous names to be more friendly to loot macros
  • [Drac] [Guardian Charm] had a previous stealth nerf (several months ago) to attempt to bring it into some balance, especially as it relates to zone pulling Sunderock. Those previous changes were: Reduction of the effectiveness of the Vampirism spell effect, which previously ramped from 4%-20%, to 4%-12%. Also, the Chance to Hit % was reduced by half (it was previously 20-100%, it is now 10-50%).

Server Wide Announcements

  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Ring of the Ages will now announce every 100 ranks (previously 25)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Citrine HP Augs will no longer announce at all (previously announced ranks IX and X)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Mask of Experience will now announce every 100 ranks (previously 25)
  • [Drac] [Server Wide Announcement] Shield of the Ages will now announce at every fifth upgrade starting at V(was every rank up)

Quality of Life

  • [Drac] [Quality of Life] [Corpse Decay Timer] has been raised from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. 20 minutes should provide ample time for even the largest zone pulls, or trying to loot in larger boxing groups. This is the one and only time this will be raised.
  • [Drac] [Quality of Life] The following items now stack: Expensive Blue Diamond, Gemstone of the Ages, Glowing Sun Shard, Immaculate Chromatium Fragment, Resist Augments X & XV, Essence of Norrath, All T10 faction weapons, Level 1 Charm Upgrades. (I WILL NOT BE ENDLESSLY FIXING MISTAKEN TURN INS OF STACKED ITEMS. THERE ARE PLENTY OF QUESTS AND TURNS IN THAT  ALREADY REQUIRE DE-STACKING ITEMS, SO PAY ATTENTION.)

Server Code Update

The server has been relatively stable so we've not had a need to do immediate updates. But we're about a year and a half behind in code updates so it's time to bring us up to date.

Code Update Changelog]

  • [Akkadius] (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [Hotfix] Fixing FMT Format Crash (#1516)
  • [Akkadius] Add rule Character:FinalExpMultiplier - Added on top of everything else, easy for setting EXP events
  • [Akkadius] Drone Build Pipeline (#1144)
  • [Akkadius] Fix Loginserver log setting db load init
  • [Akkadius] Fix compiler warnings
  • [Akkadius] Fix for quest::GetZoneLongName(zone_short_name) garbled output (#1134)
  • [Akkadius] Fix overflow issue with character corpse creation using the wrong struct in allocation
  • [Akkadius] Garbage commit to push a build
  • [Akkadius] Move data aliases after null checks for safety [skip ci]
  • [Akkadius] Pad zero size packets which is what we did on encrypted connections prior to #1464 (#1504)
  • [Akkadius] Revert "Merge pull request #1101 from KinglyKrab/custom"
  • [Akkadius] Revert "Spell Fizzle for < LDON expansions via lua_mod (#1118)"
  • [Akkadius] Revert "[BUG] Fix for Group Leader Disband Issue"
  • [Akkadius] SendIllusion Update Internal Values (#1130)
  • [Akkadius] Update repo with latest template [skip ci]
  • [Akkadius] Update repositories
  • [Akkadius] Update world content service API's to consider all expansions enabled
  • [Akkadius] [Command] #gearup Table Auto-Install (#1402)
  • [Akkadius] [Compile Fix] Squelch warnings
  • [Akkadius] [DevTools] Improve DevTools Toggling Options (#1161)
  • [Akkadius] [Door Opening] Rule to let configure Animal Door Opening (#1231)
  • [Akkadius] [Fix] Fix illusions (#1389)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Correct PR syntax issue https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/pull/1374
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] DB Manifest
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Fix crash pertaining to new PVPEnableGuardFactionAssist code (#1393)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Illusion Revert (#1398)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Incorrect Perl usage method (docs)
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] Remove test branch fields from repo
  • [Akkadius] [Hotfix] SendIllusion revert to October
  • [Akkadius] [Installer] Swap unstable powershell download for Perl LWP::Simple call
  • [Akkadius] [Library] Update httplib (#1401)
  • [Akkadius] [Logging] Implement World GMSay Logging (#1505)
  • [Akkadius] [Logging] Simplify Log Settings Initialization (#1394)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Add datetime support to repositories (#1503)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Insert repository improvements (#1236)
  • [Akkadius] [Repositories] Regenerate repositories with int64 support, reserved word support (#1440)
  • [Akkadius] [Repository Generator] Add int64/bigint support, add support for reserved words (#1439)
  • [Akkadius] [Repository Usage] Migrate NPC Scale Manager to use repositories (#1441)
  • [Akkadius] [Scheduler] Event scheduler implementation (#1257)
  • [Akkadius] [Server] Tweak inter process keepalive timers; this is a very tiny overhead for inter-process chatter to check for connection liveness (#1502)
  • [Alex] Add HasDisciplineLearned() to Perl/Lua.
  • [Alex] Add ScaleNPC() to Perl and Lua. (#1238)
  • [Alex] Add SetRadiantCrystals() and SetEbonCrystals() to Perl/Lua. (#1159)
  • [Alex] Add character-specific zone-based experience modifiers. (#1326)
  • [Alex] Add new experience modifiers table to GetCharacterTables() and GetPlayerTables() in database_schema.h. (#1338)
  • [Alex] Add removeitem(item_id, quantity) to Perl/Lua. (#1156)
  • [Alex] Convert NPC Spell AI from int16 to uint16. (#1262)
  • [Alex] Fix Perl NPC GetAvoidanceRating() Perl Croak. (#1333)
  • [Alex] Fix SQL for NPC Spells. (#1265)
  • [Alex] [Bots] Add Bot scripting capabilities to the source. (#1378)
  • [Alex] [Bots] Remove hardcoded race-class combinations from bots. (#1375)
  • [Alex] [Bug Fix] Fix CMakeLists.txt so compile works. (#1387)
  • [Alex] [Bug Fix] Zone Heading for Binds, Summons, Teleports, and Zoning. (#1328)
  • [Alex] [CLE] Reset iterator in IsAccountInGame() (#1345)
  • [Alex] [Commands] Add #findclass [search criteria] command. (#1384)
  • [Alex] [Commands] Add #viewzoneloot [item id] command. (#1382)
  • [Alex] [Commands] Modify #grid and #wp. (#1399)
  • [Alex] [Commands] Modify #summonitem and #giveitem. (#1400)
  • [Alex] [Commands] Resolve issue with #giveitem crash with no target. (#1425)
  • [Alex] [Consistency] Deity not diety. (#1407)
  • [Alex] [Experience] Add exp mod to npc types to let a server op change the exp modifier (#1252)
  • [Alex] [Library] Update zlibng (#1255)
  • [Alex] [Netcode] Remove security from servertalk connections (#1464)
  • [Alex] [Pets] Unhardcode Beastlord pet values. (#1379)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add AddNimbusEffect(effect_id) to Perl. (#1412)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add CanRaceEquipItem(item_id) to Perl/Lua. (#1411)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add ChangeLastName() and ClearLastName() to Lua. (#1386)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add CountItem(item_id) and RemoveItem(item_id, quantity) to Perl/Lua. (#1416)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add HTML color tag method to Perl and Lua. (#1324)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add IsHorse() to Perl and Lua. (#1264)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add IsRaidTarget() to Perl and Lua (#1347)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add Mob-based data bucket methods to Perl/Lua. (#1237)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add Popup(title, text, popup_id, negative_id, button_type, duration, button_name_one, button_name_two, sound_controls) to Lua. (#1396)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add RemoveAllNimbusEffects() to Perl/Lua. (#1413)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add ResetAllDisciplineTimers() to Perl/Lua. (#1395)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add SendToInstance(instance_type, zone_short_name, instance_version, x, y, z, heading, instance_identifier, duration) to Perl/Lua. (#1417)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add SetHideMe() to Perl/Lua. (#1388)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add get_data_remaining(bucket_name) to Perl/Lua. (#1421)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add getcleannpcnamebyid(npc_id) to Perl/Lua. (#1383)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add getdeityname(deity_id) to Perl/Lua. (#1404)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add getgendername(gender_id) to Perl/Lua. (#1405)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add getinventoryslotname(slot_id) to Perl/Lua. (#1406)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add new zone name methods to Perl and Lua. (#1309)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add rename(name) to Perl/Lua. (#1414)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add secondstotime(duration) to Perl and Lua. (#1281)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Add several methods to Perl/Lua API for LDoN stuff. (#1356)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Convert Client GetLastName() method export to Mob export. (#1331)
  • [Alex] [Quest API] Resolves traindiscs and scribespells issues in Perl/Lua. (#1249)
  • [Alex] [Rules] Cleanup all unused rules. (#1308)
  • [Alex] [Shared Bank] Add additional popup to shared bank warning message, as client-side filters can cause the message to be unseen. (#1368)
  • [Alex] [Spells] Adds a rule to allow right-click memorize from spell scrolls. (#1377)
  • [Alex] [Typo] IsDisciplineBuff not IsDisciplineBuf (#1410)
  • [Alex] [Typo] basediff not basedeiff (#1408)
  • [Alex] [Typo] dot_stacking_exempt not dot_stacking_exemp (#1409)
  • [Alex] [Typo] row[27] not row[25]. (#1432)
  • [Alex] quest::getspellname() and quest::getclassname() fixes/additions. (#1158)
  • [Ali Al-Khalifa] Spell Fizzle for < LDON expansions via lua_mod (#1118)
  • [Dencelle]  [Bug Fix] EntityList::AESpell fix for Pacify / Mez (#1354)
  • [Dencelle] [Bug Fix] Fix for charges not being sold correctly (#1357)
  • [Dencelle] [Bug Fix] NPC not breaking charm correctly (#1363)
  • [Dencelle] [Cheat Detection] Anti-Cheat reimplementation (#1434)
  • [Dencelle] [Constants] Addition of zone constants for hard coding (#1443)
  • [Dencelle] [Commands] Make #maxskills work on target. (#1445)
  • [Dencelle] [Feature] Add lua and perl event for test buff (#1403)
  • [E Spause] Add SetGMStatus to LUA, cleanup unused variable, cleanup naming of new function added to Client class, remove unneeded return on void function. (#1471)
  • [E Spause] Add safeguard for issue with mobs pathing to 0,0,0 on teleport nodes with values 0,0,0 (#1140)
  • [Gangsta] [Bugfix] Fixes guards assisting mobs against players (#1448)
  • [Gangsta] [Merchants] Fix issue where an item purchased with 1 charges actually is bought with 0 charges
  • [Gangsta] [Quest API] Sit method (#1449)
  • [Gangsta] [Spells] IsInvisSpell() Method + InvisRequireGroup Rule (#1453)
  • [JJ] [SQL] Tweak SQL from #1339 [skip ci] (#1348)
  • [JeffyW] [Installer] $ENV support, formatting, and optimizations (#1340)
  • [KayenEQ] Fix SE_TwinCastBlocker to block twinproc (#1476)
  • [KayenEQ] Implemented SPA 482 SE_Skill_Base_Damage_Mod (#1474)
  • [KayenEQ] Implemented SPA 498 and 499 (extra attack chance effects) (#1475)
  • [KayenEQ] Projectiles Update (#1468)
  • [KayenEQ] Update to focus SE_BlockNextSpell (#1479)
  • [KayenEQ] [Feature] Implemented /shield ability and related affects (#1494)
  • [KayenEQ] [Feature] New SPAs pass 1 (#1454)
  • [KayenEQ] [Feature] New SPAs pass 2 (#1459)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Added constant labeling to all StatBonuses that use as arrays. (#1485)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Allow SE_SecondaryForte 248 to be calculated as a bonus instead of hardcoded AA (#1507)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Bug fix for AOE Harmony/Lull (#1472)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Fix SPA 209 SE_DispelBeneficial not causing aggro (#1495)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Focus related functions to use int32 instead of int16
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Implemented SPA 390 SE_FcTimerLockout (#1496)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Implemented SPA 471 SE_Double_Melee_Round (#1492)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Implemented SPA 476 SE_Weapons_Stance and Live-like AA Enable/Disable Toggle (#1477)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Implemented SPA 489 SE_Worn_Endurance_Regen_Cap (#1493)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Implemented SPA 504 and 506 (#1488)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Major update to cast restriction code and new spell field 'caster_requirement_id' (field220) implemented (#1508)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] New SPA focus effects and focus limits (#1462)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] SPIndex fix for wrong const in variable (#1487)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Update SPA 339 SE_TriggerOnCast (#1478)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Update for SPA 403 and 404 (#1482)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Update to SPA 130 and SPA 131 focus calculation, focus code improvements (#1486)
  • [KayenEQ] [Spells] Updated pet suspend code to use spell effect data and bonuses (#1501)
  • [KimLS] Added alias to lua skills that don't start with a number so i can use them with typescript which don't allow identifiers starting with 0-9
  • [KimLS] Fix for compile issue when you either don't have openSSL or you're using a version not supported by httplib
  • [KimLS] Fix for issue in movement manager where a drop aggro can happen and processing continues.
  • [Kinglykrab] [Bug Fix] Shared Bank Charges Fix (#1511)
  • [Kinglykrab] [Quest API] Adds new methods to NPCs and Corpses (#1510)
  • [Kinglykrab] [Quest API] Modify GetItemStat() and GetSpellStat() functionality. (#1509)
  • [Kurt Gilpin] Fix crash when casting with no target (#1390)
  • [Kurt Gilpin] [Inventory] Remove Trader's Satchel ID from inventory.cpp (#1423)
  • [Kurt Gilpin] [Items] Allow any bag type 51 to be used for Trader (#1392)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Add defines (commented) for further known SPAs (#1446)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Add include to PATH_SUFFIXES for Windows builds (#1246)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Add string util search_deliminated_string (#1260)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Feature/underworld (#1146)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Fix NPC Scale Manager leaking (#1254)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Fix bots with ExtraAttackChance changes (#1480)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Fix some leaks of groups/raids (#1242)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Fix va_list leaks in MakeAnyLenString/AppendAnyLenString (#1240)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Hack to fix repulsable bard charms (#1320)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] LuaJIT calls it lua51.lib/dll on Windows ... (#1247)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Magic numbers bad (#1373)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Provide more search paths for luajit (#1216)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] Switch scheduled hot zone check to search instead of split (#1313)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] This skill bonus was suppose to only apply to monks with epics (#1364)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Bug Fix] Add Bounds Checking to OP_LFGCommand Comment Processing
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Bug Fix] EntityList::AESpell was off by one (#1351)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Bug Fix] Fix use-after-free corruption with some DB calls (#1335)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Bug Fix] Misc Bard Song Fixes (#1317)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Bug Fix] spell cast time cap issue introduced in e5b9d72b81 (#1435)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [CI] Enable Bots (Typo) in Drone Config (#1481)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Cleanup] Nuke Make/AppendAnyLenString (#1251)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Cleanup] Only link Lua with zone (#1288)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Cleanup] use std::make_unique (#1259)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Fix] Clean up Filtered/MessageString functions (#1311)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Fix] Fix Spell Cast Time reduction issues (#1369)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Lua/Cmake] Prefer LuaJIT over normal Lua (#1235)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Quest API] Add Lua_Mob::GetShuffledHateList (#1381)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Rule] Add a rule to disable the Pet Resist buff (#1337)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Spells Cleanup] Unify and add most hardcoded spell IDs (#1438)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [Strings] Split String Optimizations (#1325)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] [cmake] Update min cmake version due to fe7cb76 (#1489)
  • [Michael Cook (mackal)] zlib-ng1.dll ends up in a different path (#1268)
  • [Michael] [Rule] Allow Skill ups from items (Default: On) (#1376)
  • [Natedog2012] Allow NPCs to aggro player pets with NPCAggro field set in database and new rule AggroPlayerPets set to true (#1450)
  • [Paul Coene] #grid delete was deleting the grids everywhere (#1346)
  • [Paul Coene] Added RACE_BOAT_533 to IsBoat() (#1154)
  • [Paul Coene] Client tracks pet sit/stand - force new pets to stand rather than use client (#1155)
  • [Paul Coene] Fix calls to GetSafePoints to not pass null_ptr as zonename (#1336)
  • [Paul Coene] Prevent client update while on boat if boat turning (#1343)
  • [Paul Coene] Remove the extra erroneous message (DoT landing message) at mob death if mob dies of DoT. (#1138)
  • [Paul Coene] Remove unneeded calls to DoAnim() for spells/bardsong (#1290)
  • [Paul Coene] [Boats] Fix x/y offsets from client to reflect EQ x/y instead of boat heading… (#1296)
  • [Paul Coene] [Bug Fix] Add debugging and fix edge case where no target for aggro mob (#1344)
  • [Paul Coene] [Bug] Fix ignore_primary_assist. (#1323)
  • [Paul Coene] [Feature] Allow any spawn2 spawned mob to path while zone is idle if new flag is set. (#1339)
  • [Paul Coene] [GM Command] #list npcs Goto option now goes to higher Z if selected NPC is a boat. (#1349)
  • [Peter Rigby] [Fix] Moved assigning of AISpellVar variables before AI_Start() so that any values that override the rule values will not be ignored (#1321)
  • [RoTPvP] Added a check to stop Bard song for Mezz/Stun (#1319)
  • [RoTPvP] [PVP] Pvp guard assist code. (Guards will assist in PvP based on faction) (#1367)
  • [RoTPvP] [Spells] Added a pet check to Cazic Touch (#1365)
  • [Thalic] Minor ortographic corrections of ruletypes.h (#1147)
  • [Thalix] Minor ruletypes.h cleanup (#1306)
  • [Thalix] Update command.cpp (#1289)
  • [Thalix] [Crash] Bugfix for zone crash caused by #flymode -1 (#1291)
  • [TurmoilToad] Add category tags for Object methods. (#1232)
  • [TurmoilToad] Add category tags for corpse methods (#1234)
  • [TurmoilToad] Add category tags to new client methods. (#1233)
  • [TurmoilToad] Update perl_questitem.cpp (#1227)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Docs] Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md (#1360)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Client Annotations (#1224)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Door Annotations (#1241)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Entity List Annotations (#1243)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Group Annotations (#1261)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Hate Entry Annotations (#1244)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Mob Annotations (#1258)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl NPC Annotations (#1245)
  • [TurmoilToad] [Quest API] Perl Raid Annotations (#1226)
  • [hg] Add missing includes to fix windows compile (#1314)
  • [hg] Throttle auto expedition leader changes (#1293)
  • [hg] [Dynamic Zones] Rename dynamic zone structs (#1327)
  • [hg] [Dynamic Zones] Store min and max players on dz (#1355)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Avoid expedition leader change if only member (#1372)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Cleanup client dz safe return methods (#1300)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Create common dz abstract class (#1312)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Decouple dz updates from expeditions (#1303)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Let dz process its expired state (#1310)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Move member compass updates to dz (#1371)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Refactor expedition caching (#1315)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Refactor expedition requests (#1301)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Store description and leader name on dz (#1294)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Store members on dynamic zone (#1358)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] Track DZ member status in world (#1341)
  • [hg] [Expeditions] [Quest API] Add expedition IsLocked to Quest API (#1292)
  • [hg] [Quest API] Add write overloads to lua packet quest api (#1366)
  • [hg] [Repository Generator] Fix repository generator on windows (#1353)
  • [neckkola] Added new Perl/LUA GetSpellIDByBookSlot (#1151)
  • [regneq] [Time] strict spawn_events now take into account EQ minute. (#1370)
  • [splose] Adds ability to use the ~~old~~ proper 2HB animation and also allows you to do it on a per-zone basis since its rule-based. (#1420)
  • [splose] Fix for unknown spell effect message with spell effect 459 (DamageModifierV2) (#1419)
  • [splose] [Bug Fix] Allow GMs to chat when stunned (#1380)
  • [splose] [Bug Fix] Fixed Invis vs Undead / Invis Vs Animals not breaking charm + Added rule for custom capabilities (#1374)
  • [splose] [Command] Add #npcedit rarespawn (#1418)
  • [splose] [Quest API] Add $client->SetGMStatus() (#1465)
  • [splose] [Rules] Add rule 'GM:MinStatusToBypassLockedServer' (#1330)
  • [splose] [Rules] Add rule to allow you to cast invis on already invis'd players (#1361)
  • [splose] add quest::get_spell_level(uint16 spell_id, uint8 class_id) (#1295)
  • [splose] setting spawn2.version to -1 will now properly spawn mobs in all zone versions (#1299)
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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2021, 06:04:42 pm »

Wow, good stuff.  Many thanks you guys and congrats Drac!
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« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2021, 07:00:55 pm »

Awesome!  Thank you guys for all the work you are doing for our server!
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« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2021, 07:04:24 pm »

Thanks Akka, and gratz on GM Draca Smiley well earned

Just observations on event, candy loot is back on trash , not a biggy but sure is was taken out last event
ZP in HoS is disabled, not sure if intentional or not, just don't see any info on it, no worries either way, wanted to check is all -)
Just looks like it may have gone back to previous config setting.

Thanks again Smiley

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« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2021, 09:25:36 pm »

Just Echoing Chief on the candy and ZP.  All good if as intended but damn that is a LOT of candy haha.

Thanks guys and special thanks to Draca for the server improvements, T10 stackable is soooooooo nice!

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« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2021, 10:02:30 pm »

Thanks guys for all the updates. I’m new to the server and loving it. I can’t seem to find much info on the infamous Halloween event. Are there any links with the event broken down. Thanks!
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think this one will link to files and also other threads for back story.
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Gratz Draca! Well deserved.

So now that I am finally able to ZP HoS it is disabled and Guardian Charm is nerfed? Whaaaaat? Well I guess I will find out on monday what that means!

Have a nice weekend guys

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Try this link out.

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Ahhh crap sake, knew I shoulda pushed my new crew through OC quicker ahhh well at least it might slow down the progression to t10 and enable people to survive better when they first enter  Grin Grin

Dare I say we could use a different icon to differentiate between guardian v1 and v2 stacks now.....

Good work peoples, feels good to see an update Cheesy

If were restricting the serverwide announcements can we include the leaf of vitality in it as well Cheesy

Edit edit... Citrine gemstones are still server wide announce on all levels by the look of it.

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« Reply #10 on: September 07, 2021, 01:41:22 am »

Grats Drac, and thank you for all the work you have put into this and the many QOL changes.  It is indeed great to see progress coming to EZserver!

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read it. May God have mercy on your soul.
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appreciate the hardwork !
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« Reply #12 on: September 07, 2021, 12:44:25 pm »

As this was my first HW event being able to ZP in HoS I must say it was awesome. Besides playing only on monday/tuesday while working I did quite a few runs.

I did not get any major item for my warrior but I got tons of ZPs, some DL/TL and a lot of xp!

I am really looking forward until this Event returns and hopefully have the time to do some more HoS runs … World Boss I‘m coming for you!
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First off, I want to thank Akkadius for the opportunity to add my mark to the history of EZ Server. It’s no small thing to trust someone enough to give them the keys to the castle, and despite great stresses on his time, he’s been great about helping me better understand what’s required for efficient, and ultimately successful zone development. I do want to take a little time, and give everyone some background on myself, share some insights that I’ve learned, and my plans for content going forward.


    I am Draca in-game (RIP someones level 24 Shadowknight's name), I am a 40 year old guy and live in California. I have been playing on EZ Server for going on 6 years now, and Everquest in general since a few weeks after it’s release. I was a hardcore raider from late Classic EQ, through Planes of Power, at which point life began happening, and I put EQ away. I also took up World of Warcraft for some time, and raided in a cutting edge level guild for about 18 months in 2010-2012. I am a very good Everquest player, and enjoy working through boss encounters, and specifically difficult new mechanics. This doesn't mean that I know everything about Everquest, and I am by no means the end-all expert about everything on EZ, but I have no trouble asking people who might have the information I need.

EZ Issues

  Before jumping directly into what plans I have for new content, of which I have several, I want to address a few things that I’ve learned during the course of the process to get where I am now. To sum it up succinctly, EZ Server has a problem. That problem is that over the course of past Tier developments, stats in general, and mitigation in particular, have become inflated to the point that development requires padding the damage of mobs to an insane amount. This is the result of previous developments having been believed to be the end of the road for EZ, and thus stat inflation was not considered an issue. It’s becoming one. Ultimately, what you, the player, must understand, is that the amount of stat increases you’ve become accustomed too from tier to tier, cannot reasonably continue. Don’t misunderstand, you will get upgrades, and they will be noticeable, but in order to develop new tiers, adding 2-3% mitigation bonuses every tier can’t continue. We are creeping closer and closer to 100% mitigation, at which point you basically take no melee damage to speak of, which isn't a workable situation to develop for. As a player, if I am getting new content, with well designed and executed encounters, quests, and some fun backstory, I’m not counting every percentage point on my gear. Some people might, and this might be disappointing to hear, but anyone who played through the cleric self-buff ‘Holy Blessing of Intervention’ being changed from self-only (as it should have been) to a targetable buff (as the spell’s tooltip mistakenly said it should be) realizes that being over 100% mitigation results in taking so little damage that people who could barely handle 2 Sunderock mobs, now could pull camps, easily (full disclosure, I griped about the reversion of the spell to self-only, as it was a huge help in the Sunderock grind, but obviously not intended). Guardian Charm is also an issue that may have to be addressed further at some point in the future, along with several other items that will be discussed in due time.

Content Development

Ok, so I’ve taken away future upgrades, but what am I going to give you? If I have my way, a little bit of everything. First things first, while I have been working on an extensive outline for Tier 11, and I believe that when executed as written, it will be an exciting addition to EZ’s progression, it is too big of a project to be my first development. Anyone who has downloaded and tinkered with the EQ Emu server program, and really looked into the database, and scripting information will tell you, there is A LOT that goes into a properly functioning zone. While there are many tools available to help with development, it still requires knowledge of what the tool is modifying, and where in the database to fully understand what is happening, and what could be wrong when problems pop up. My initial thought for developing a zone was to just empty a zone, and then start running around, picking spawn locations and just plopping down mobs where I wanted them. While this works from a technical standpoint, it’s so backwards and inefficient, that you would never get a properly designed zone built this way. So, what development does require, is a well thought out outline of exactly what you’re trying to do. What’s the general theme of the zone? General itemization goals? As well as a zoomed out view of your ideas. These ideas are then to be reviewed, and notes given by Akkadius and Rent, and adjustments made where necessary. What does all this mean? Basically that I need to start with a zone that is not nearly as complex as a tier level zone needs to be. It is far too easy to get really discouraged by the scope of a large zone, so getting a small, fun and rewarding zone out for you to play is my main priority. There will be upgrades, but nothing like a full tier zone, likely 2 bosses in a short dungeon (Karnor's Castle, as I've previously announced). Following that, there will likely be an event zone, something that has unique items, and will only be available for limited periods of time, similar to Halloween. Following successful development of those 2 zones, I would begin focusing on executing my plan for Tier 11. It is also easy to let the player in me get too excited about itemization, and start adding more pieces of gear, or upgrade paths to existing items. Those will come, but since my plan is to be in a continual develop, test and release cycle, you won’t have to wait years for the next thing to do, or to further upgrade that earring, or shield and so on and so forth. Just don't expect every zone to have an upgrade path for everything.

Lower Tier Content

I know that there are people who would like to see more content designed around the lower to middle tiers, unfortunately due to the amount of time involved to develop as I’ve already described, it doesn’t make sense to spend time on this, when there is already good itemization and progression possible from these tiers, and the fact that end game players have been waiting a long time for new content, and even longer for a new progression tier. I won’t say never, but it’s just very low priority, at least in my mind. If bugs exist, I will certainly make time to investigate them, but again, thousands of characters have successfully made it through all the tiers, so there aren’t any major gamebreakers.

1 of 2


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2 of 2

Additional Focuses

Aside from zone development, there are several other areas that I believe can use a little attention. First, some classes need a little boost in desirability, Shadowknights (tanking viability in particular), Beastlords, Magicians, Wizards and Enchanters come to mind, along with making Bard’s more effective (and less taunty). Exact planning around this will come in time, and involve community input. Class balancing, even when it seems like a given class is clearly over/under powered, can be finicky, and giving too much, and then having to take it away causes more player aggravation than measured steps towards a stated goal. Second, as a GM I plan to be available nearly every day for routine issues, guild requests, general petition-like concerns etc., so please post in the appropriate forum threads for help, or send me a tell. Be aware, that just because I have the ability to see that you looted something on the wrong character, or turned in something that you didn’t mean too, doesn’t mean I’m fixing it every time, or at least I won’t be making a habit out of it, so use your Draca-GM lifeline sparingly, and be careful (we expected more issues with the newly stackable items introduced with this changelog, but have had no reports yet, good job everyone). In line with that, I do plan on being more open about the course of developments, and receptive to player concerns and input, but understand I can’t and won’t do everything that everyone wants, and overall balance must be maintained. 

I am also not opposed to making quality of life improvements where they make sense, so again, post in the appropriate thread. Again, no guarantees. I know there is a list of things that people want to see, and if they make sense, and can be properly implemented, then we will do that. Just remember, this is EZ Server, so everything comes with just a touch of punishment.

Help Wanted

         I hope to get a small group of players together in some way, so we can discuss the direction of EZ Server, so that what I develop takes the server in the right direction. In no way will this be some insider secrets meeting, I won’t be discussing specifics of boss encounters, or what will or won’t be helpful or required in a new zone, but I will take into account certain things that are clearly popular, or not. I will be reaching out to several of the most active players, and work out a circle jerk get together where we can discuss the future of our server.

Final Thought

   I would also like to address the elephant in the room as it relates to me specifically, which is that I was one of the players who exploited the Halloween end boss, Magorian in late 2020. This was a regrettable decision on my part, primarily owing to getting greedy, and bored. I don’t make any excuses for my behavior, it was a lapse of judgement, and unfortunately resulted in server wide punishment for the actions of a few. I hope that most people can forgive my poor judgment, and help me bring some exciting new content and changes on EZ. Yes, this may well result in a scenario where I have to hypocritically punish someone for a similar offense, but just as I was willing to accept whatever punishment Akkadius would dish out for my actions, others may have to accept the punishment they are handed as well.

 I have foregone my ability to remain a player on EZ Server, to take on this new role, which was not a decision I made easily. If you’ve read this essay through to this point, then you likely love EZ Server as much as I do, and are excited to see what’s to come. There might be a few speedbumps, but stick with me, try and make constructive comments that I can work with, and I won’t let you down.

          PS. As many can attest, I am the world’s best ninja AFKer, so if I AFK mid-conversation with you, don’t be offended, it’s kinda my thing. I’ll try and remember to at least flag myself AFK when I am, and respond to tells when I come back.


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