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Author Topic: EZServer Rules  (Read 3049 times)
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« on: May 30, 2024, 12:30:19 pm »

EZ Server Rules
Updated May 2024

  • No exploiting
  • Don’t automate game actions while AFK.
  • Macro and script use
  • Server stability
  • Warping
  • MQ2
  • Account sharing
  • Real money transactions
  • Language
  • General conduct

Do not exploit any bugs or weaknesses in-game. If you happen to find a bug, it’s acceptable for you to try to replicate the bug once to confirm it and to provide as much information as possible to a GM.

If you discover a bug or glitch, please report it to a GM directly. Do not share the information with other players, especially if the bug gives an advantage. However, if the issue doesn't provide a benefit and your intention is to prevent other players from encountering the same problem, a warning is acceptable. For example, if you find a script bug with a quest NPC that deletes an item instead of upgrading it, you can warn others to avoid losing their items.

You have to be present at your computer and initiate manual pulls and attacks using hot keys. If you are AFK, it’s not acceptable for your characters to be in combat in any way. That means for example, but not limited to, that you are not allowed to park your character at a trivial NPC and let riposte do the kills for you in search of a named spawn while you are not at the computer.

Most of our in-game activity has to be done while actually being present at the computer. There are a few exceptions when it comes to certain actions that don’t provide experience, AAs, zone loot, boss/named spawns or task completion.

The exceptions are listed here:
- You may set up a macro that combines HoH tokens while you go grab a coffee. Same goes for handing in a hoard of rainbow crystals after an event. There will be no reimbursements for lost tokens or crystals due to a macro failing to act as it’s supposed to though.
- You may take a break while your characters are attacking a dummy in QRG either for DPS parsing or skill increases.
- It’s acceptable to take a break after a pull while your loot macro cleans up the corpses.

EZServer permits the use of custom macros, and E3, but there are limitations. Please read the following rules carefully. If you're unsure whether your actions comply with the rules, stop and ask a GM for clarification.

1. Automation Restrictions:
 It is not acceptable to use pulling macros, scripts, or any other form of automation to path around the zone for purposes of pulling and killing NPCs, moving between bosses, or for convenience.
Scripting and automating zone/instance hopping and “body killing” NPCs are also prohibited.

Currently we do no allow the use of buff bots to buff other players automatically, other than the scripted in-game NPC. Players are not permitted to automate buffs on their own characters. This means that scripts running in the background to automatically buff your characters without additional input are not allowed. However, you can set up a hotkey to call a macro with a buff routine or include it in a combat spam macro. This means you need manual input EACH time you want to buff your characters

2. E3 Usage:
E3 is intended to assist you in multiboxing your characters, provided you are at the keyboard and in control of your characters.
This does not mean having a macro completely play the game for you. You must manually pull mobs and use hotkeys to have your characters assist and engage in combat. Manual input is required for EACH mob you kill in a pull. You are not allowed to set it up so you can make a pull of i.e. 10 mobs, hit a /cleartargets or similar command to make your characters fight automatically until all the mobs in the pull are dead.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all our regulations if you use E3. If anything is unclear to you, ask a GM or make a post here.

3. Scripts and Macros
The same rules apply as with the use of E3. You are allowed to make macros that assist you in your combat situation, where i.e. you make class specific macros that run through various combat routines like using a combat ability, casting a heal or a damage spell when it’s tied to a hotkey you’re pressing.
You may use macros to automate looting or selling items to a merchant. You may also use macros to combine recipes as part of an item upgrade in the Magic Box, i.e. Shield of the Ages.

4. Prohibited Macros and scripts:
You may not create a hotkey or macro that targets a mob, moves to its location, and engages in combat on your behalf. In combination with the script/macro use we allow, this can be abused and is not accepted.
You may not use scripts or other methods to set up GM alerts that disconnect you or disrupt illegal game actions when a GM enters your zone. If you just happen to go linkdead every time a GM enters the zone, you would be in violation of this rule.

Please ensure you do not cause excessive zone latency or server bandwidth usage. This can occur for example if you create multiple instances simultaneously, perform several zone pulls at once, split your characters across many different instances or repop a large amount of instances. To help prevent these issues, a script is in place: you must have a minimum of three characters in the same zone, or you will be disconnected and the zone is likely to reset. That said, it’s also your responsibility to make sure you don’t run commands or actions that enforces a heavy workload on the server.

Certain MacroQuest plugins enable warping or ghosting, but using these features on EZServer is strictly prohibited. Our server monitors and flags accounts for warping, so please refrain from using them.

The general recommendation is to use the EZServer Classic build from https://mqemulator.net/downloads.php. If you’re new to boxing and to using MQ2, this is a safe choice where you’re less likely to activate plugins that automate actions that are deemed unacceptable on the server.

Players are welcome to use other versions of MacroQuest, provided they do not use any plugins, scripts, or macros that violate our server rules. If you choose to use different versions, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all our regulations.

Players that get banned have their accounts linked together by IP. If you allow someone to use your account and that person breaks the rules, then your account will be linked by IP and banned as well. You have been warned.

Selling accounts, in-game services or items for actual real money currency is not allowed on EZ Server.  This includes buying, selling, trading, or giving away any money, items, or accounts. Anyone caught doing this will have the accounts banned and the items deleted. EZ Server is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by unauthorized, player to player, transactions, or for any other reasons. This includes RMT trades for characters or credits. Those caught trying to sell their characters will have them banned/destroyed.

Offensive language and conduct will not be tolerated on our server. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Sexual Content: Any sexually explicit or suggestive language or behavior.
- Racism: Any language or behavior that discriminates against or belittles individuals based on race or ethnicity.
- Hate Speech: Any speech that expresses hatred or encourages violence against a person or group based on attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.
- Harassment: Any unwelcome behavior that demeans, humiliates, or intimidates people, either individually or as a group.
- Profanity: Excessive use of vulgar or obscene language.
- Inappropriate Names: Characters, guilds, pets, and any other in-game entities must not have names that are offensive or violate any of the aforementioned guidelines.

These rules apply to all public and private communications within the game, including chat channels, in-game mail, and any other form of interaction. Violations will result in disciplinary action, up to and including bans from the server.

- Spamming: Do not spam public chat channels.
- Trains: Do not intentionally lead groups of enemies to other players (training).
- Kill Stealing: Play fair. If you did not kill the mob, it is not yours to loot unless you have the owner's permission.
- Instances: You are not allowed to enter other players' private instances and start killing or looting without their explicit permission.
- Public Zones: Public zones are open to everyone. You cannot claim entire public zones if other players are present. If you want exclusive access, create a private instance. If a private instance is not possible, such as in Hills of Shade, you may zone pull as long as there are no other players in the realm. If you enter a realm and find another player already there, please find a new realm. If no realms are available and the player occupying the zone has been AFK for 5 minutes or more, you may consider the zone open and are free to pull (zone pull).
- Use common sense: The absence of a specific rule does not excuse inappropriate behavior. If your actions are deemed unacceptable, you will be held accountable. This includes trolling and general disruption of the community. If you try to ruin the game for others, you will be removed from the game. You will receive one warning to correct your behavior.

We reserve the right to add, amend, or remove any of these rules. It’s your responsibility to keep up to date with our ruleset. By adhering to these guidelines, you help maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

Thank You!

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Common sense is not so common

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